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Written by admin on May 4th, 2011

There is a new trend in home sales that is drawing some attention. The current climate in the housing market has caused trouble for homeowners who are finding it difficult to find solid buyers. Their homes languish on realtor listings and in classified sections, waiting for a real offer from a qualified buyer. Some homeowners anxious to sell have resorted to searching the Internet for any possible way to find good offers. As a result, a new method of connecting with people who are honestly looking to buy a home has come into play. The method is known as property exchange.

This is an unprecedented way to alleviate the burden of moving a property. Never before has the idea to swap homes been tried, even in the past when economic down times made it tough for potential buyers to find financing. The idea has existed before, however, although not in a permanent sense. People have been swapping out properties for years, but only for brief periods of time, such as trading residences during a vacation. In those cases, the issue of financing did not come into play, as people merely covered utility expenses and general upkeep as the cost of using someone else’s house.

Yet the tribulations of moving a home in an uncertain housing market has led some to try this approach in a more permanent way. The result has been that a number of homeowners have actually been able to find qualified buyers who can take possession of a home by using the value of their own home as financing by means of a property exchange. This is a recent development, and the number of people who have been successful using this method has been small at first. But the numbers are growing, and the news is spreading.

There are some important considerations for anyone who may be interested in using a property exchange to move their house. First of all, they have to find the qualified buyers who are willing to trade homes. Then they have to negotiate an equitable deal that will satisfy the needs of both parties. Lastly, they have to be able to verify that the deal will carry through, to avoid buying a home without being able to sell theirs. From all indications so far, there actually are ways to go about doing a successful property exchange.

The success stories on record indicate that the best way to find a qualified buyer willing to swap homes in online. There are a handful of websites that have found a way to connect buyers and sellers by gathering information that matches the two parties according to their terms. There has been enough success that new websites are coming into play, and the network seems to be growing rapidly.

According to documented transactions of this nature, the ideal property exchange is one in which both parties have homes that either meet the needs and desires of both, or that are close enough in quality or location to satisfy both. Using one title / escrow company for both escrows is also recommended, ensuring a smooth transaction. Other considerations need to be addressed, such as covering any differential in home values with cash or a new mortgage. But people are having success, and the idea is catching on.

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