Penny Stock Prophet – Stock Picking Robot Review

Written by admin on May 12th, 2011

Penny stock prophet is a program designed to pick profitable stocks which specifically targets penny stocks as the name suggests. I’ve heard a number of differing accounts as to this program’s effectiveness at identifying profitable stock picks since it came out onto the market months ago.

Most of these programs emphasize on style over substance and use their flashy and attractive branding and promised sales figures to lure in potential customers. One particular penny stock alert specific program which focuses entirely and uniquely on penny stocks has been bringing some validity back to the market in recent months.

After hearing about their eight week money back guarantee I decided to break down and give it a try myself, so here are my feelings and review of the penny stock alert program, Penny Stock Prophet.

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The first thing to mention about this penny stock alert program is exactly how and why it works to deliver profitable stock picks. Much like the major trading houses, Penny Stock Prophet compares the origins of trends from the past to find overlaps in real time stock market data to further investigate.

The market repeats itself traveling in cyclical patterns which repeat, so by looking at where the market has already been and performed well, if you can find similarities in current real time market data which are behaving the same with current stocks, you can put together a remarkably precise idea of how certain stocks or the market will follow through and act in the immediate future.

As I mentioned, Penny Stock Prophet only targets penny stocks. This is a major asset as one, it’s one of the few programs which only targets them as many other programs largely ignore penny stocks, and two, it delivers some of the biggest gains to be found in the market accordingly.

This is because penny stocks require a great deal of less market influence and activity to send them skyrocketing or plummeting in value. So using a penny stock alert program like this one, you can put together a remarkably accurate idea of how certain stocks are set to act in the stock markets so that you can double or triple your investment over the course of a few hours.

Click Here to Download the Penny Stock Prophet now

For example, the very very first pick which I received from Penny Stock Prophet was a stock valued at $ .18 a share. I bought one thousand shares for 0 simply using my online trading account. I checked back in to watch that stock’s performance a few hours later to find that it had already skyrocketed up to $ .38 over the course of about four hours.

From then on I of course started to check in on it on the hour as it continued to quickly climb its way up to $ .57, momentarily topping off there. At this point I was beyond satisfied as I didn’t even know what to expect initially.

I traded it all away then but now with subsequent picks I’ve learned to keep much of my profits reinvested in other picks generated by the penny stock alert program which I recommend that you do as well to keep a constant stream of income flowing as it’s much easier to reinvest profits than starting capital.

The only thing you need to do is take their stock symbol they generate for you, invest accordingly, and be able to check in on it every now and then you can make a huge profit in a short term no matter who you are or regardless of your experience.

I heartily suggest that you try this penny stock alert program risk free as I have for 60 days to see how invaluable this system can be for you. You don’t even have to invest any money to see it work, simply follow its daily stock picks’ performances in the market and watch them soar.

Click Here to Download the Penny Stock Prophet now

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