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HCC was founded in 1971 and has six campuses located in the city of Houston. Since its inception, more than 1.3 million students have passed through the doors. The College is committed to the needs of the local community by providing easily transferred to a 4-year university courses and providing 2 years for those who want to start a career immediately, according to degree programs.

Degree of Sciences applied to the paralegal technology partner: This degree program helps students learn from research, drafting, record keeping and other administrative tasks under the supervision of a lawyer or the Court, in accordance with The paralegal program includes instruction in legal research, law, the court procedures and legal specializations Office procedures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, the paralegal field is the faster the second field of growing career and the need for trained individuals is critical. Growing demands for legal services in civil and criminal areas. In order to obtain a title as a paralegal, students must take the following classes: legal legal research writing Texas Civil Litigation contracts family law Torts and property law person roots injury law law Office Management

Houston Community College is a school for 2 years with several campus branch in the Houston area. A total student enrollment is 43,518. There is no on-campus accommodation.

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Address: 3100 Main St, Houston, TX 77266 phone number: (713) 718-2000

Below is a selection of articles, you may find helpful while you research schools, courses and degree programs.

Certified nurse assistants are experienced registered nurses who have acquired experience with legal process. Certification requires a minimum of five years of experience as a registered nurse and three years as a legal nurse consultant.

Assistants, also known as legal assistants are formally trained professionals who assist lawyers with legal services. Auxiliary to specialize in the Act values are experts in legal management values and municipal bonds.

Law can be a challenging career field. Those interested in environmental law may want to consider becoming a paralegal, which is an Assistant to a lawyer. Read this article for specific information about supporting environmental law.

Auxiliary nurses often are employed by law firms to assist with cases that relate to medical problems, including negligence, and injuries. The experience of a nurse in the field of medicine is often useful when interviewing clients and doing research. Registered nurses may enroll in nurse paralegal certificate programs through the United States.

Courses in family law are most commonly available online through a series of paralegal schools programs. These programs for distance learning, which often lead to a certificate, students learn the basics of working as a paralegal with a focus on different laws surrounding families and marriage.

A career as a paralegal can be a difficult field for students who are interested in the law. Auxiliary administration details of cases and documents for lawyers. Read this article for a list of sample paralegal courses.

Evelyn T. Stone College, Roosevelt University vocational studies is located right on Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s famous loop. Its programme of challenging and practical studies paralegal is approved by the American Bar Association. Roosevelt offers three options for paralegal studies: the Post Baccalaureate certificate program, the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of professional studies program and paralegal certificate program.

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