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Written by admin on May 10th, 2011

It is true to say that in the year 2007, the cost of legal aid has become so expensive that it is fast becoming out of the reach of most individuals and small businesses. This introduces significant problems to people and small companies which find themselves in the situation where they need to get expert legal advice.
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Projections predicts a growth of over 33 percent in the legal assistant profession during the first decade of 2000. The median annual salary for full-time paralegals and legal assistants as of May, 2004 was ,130.
There are two criteria that law firms are commonly judged by: the strength of their reputation and the quality of their employees. In terms of public appeal, perhaps the greatest advantage that a law firm can possess is a stalwart reputation for quality legal advice and passionate representation.
Though new jobs are continuously being created by employment growth, and additional job openings arise as some people leave the occupation or upgrade to become attorneys, the projected rapid employment growth will not alleviate competition for Paralegal jobs.
Paralegal associations offer services to law firms, paralegal training schools and colleges, legal departments, and even to individuals who work for other persons in legal fields. The associations make the members aware of the importance of pro bono activities and encourage them to offer such services.
Many legal assistants and paralegals have associate degrees in paralegal studies or a bachelor’s degree paired with a certificate in paralegal studies. Currently, a small number of schools offer bachelors’ or masters’ degrees in paralegal studies. A few employers train paralegals on the job, hiring college graduates with no legal experience or promoting experienced legal secretaries.
Many organizations require the expertise of paralegals. Law firms, legal departments of big business houses and government offices to use the services of paralegals. Within these organizations, working in different aspects of law enforcement, such as corporate law, personal injury, property, family law, employee benefits and even criminal law.
Like any career shown in the media – medicine, business, advertising, and so on – real-life law and legal careers do not always embody the back-to-back high-drama excitement portrayed on television. However, they are consistently interesting and engaging, requiring workers to devote focus to their careers.
A paralegal is often referred to as a legal assistant, and that may be a more accurate description of the service they provide. A paralegal in most cases works under the supervision of an Attorney assisting them in almost every aspect of their work. A paralegal is not allowed to accept legal cases, give legal advise, or represent clients in court.
A paralegal’s competence continues to grow by education, training and on-the-job experience. The Model Code states that a paralegal should participate in a minimum of twelve hours of CLE (continuing legal education) every two years. This is an excellent way for legal assistants to stay updated on changes to laws.
Some choose to use these divorce paralegal services in cases of uncontested divorce, although the minute a divorce becomes contested, they may feel lost and end up hiring an attorney anyways.

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