Opalesque launches A SQUARE Interactive – A forum exclusive to the world’s savviest asset allocators

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Opalesque launches A SQUARE Interactive – A forum exclusive to the world’s savviest asset allocators


Zurich, July 14 2009: Leading financial publisher Opalesque launches A SQUARE Interactive as a new exclusive service to its A SQUARE (“Alternative Alternatives”) research portal. A SQUARE Interactive has been designed as an idea incubator and forum that addresses topical issues relevant to alternative alternatives investing and its investors.


Opalesque launched A SQUARE in January 2007 as an independent research platform dedicated exclusively to alternative alternatives. Even today, A SQUARE remains the first and only independent web-based research platform solely dedicated to uncovering the investment opportunities in this space. Currently the A SQUARE research platform shelves114 issues with a total of 481 research files on its archive. Subscribers to A SQUARE can access this research here:



Opalesque’s A SQUARE is subscribed to by some of the world’s leading: sovereign, wealth, pension funds, endowments, family offices, sophisticated high and ultra high net worth individuals, consultants, advisors, corporate allocators and academia. Each of whom is at the cutting edge of the alternative investment landscape and has a keen interest in understanding what and how alternative alternative strategies can be implemented to potentially optimise returns.


Share, “interact”, ask, learn … with A SQUARE Interactive:

Beyond producing world class alternative alternative research, Opalesque is now opening and sharing its research platform through A SQUARE Interactive; giving investors and other interested participants the opportunity to raise questions, discuss and share thoughts, opinions and insights.


In each A SQUARE Interactive, Sona Blessing, Opalesque’s Research Director and Editor of A SQUARE  will serve as “anchor” and assemble experts, academics, and leading allocators from the alternative-alternatives universe.


The first A SQUARE Interactive will be held this Thursday 16th, July 2009, at 9am NY time and 15.00 Swiss time with:


* Ray Carroll, Ph.D., CFA, Managing Director and CIO, Absolute Return Hedge Fund, DGAM

* Elizabeth Carey, Managing Director, Clontarf Capital


On: “Do alternative alpha & beta exist?”

* Definitions of alpha, beta, “alternative alpha”, alternative beta

* Strategies associated with alpha, “alt-alpha”; beta, alt.- beta

* Investment Opportunities

* Place in a modern portfolio

* Risks/rewards associated with such strategies


Registration: http://www.opalesque.com/NextWebinar.html




1. A SQUARE Interactive is exclusive to subscribers of Opalesque’s A SQUARE publication only.

A SQUARE subscriptions can be set up here: http://www.opalesque.com/indep?act=registration&stype=A2


(Overview on A SQUARE subscription fees: http://www.opalesque.com/SubscriptionRatesA2.html)


2. A SQUARE subscribers are required to confirm participation here: http://www.opalesque.com/NextWebinar.html


Please email support@opalesque.com for any help or information.




In 2003, with the publication of its daily Alternative Market Briefing, Opalesque successfully launched an information revolution in the hedge fund media space: “Opalesque changed the world by bringing transparency where there was opacity and by delivering an accurate professional reporting service.” – Nigel Blanchard, Culross. This hybrid financial news service, which combines proprietary industry news stories and filtered third party reports, has been credited by many industry insiders with delivering precise, accurate, and vital information to a notoriously guarded audience.


Each week, Opalesque publishes 610,000 issues of its eleven specialist publications to industry professionals in over 160 countries. Opalesque is the only daily hedge fund publisher which is actually read by the elite hedge fund managers themselves (http://www.opalesque.com/op_testimonials.html).


For more information on Opalesque A SQUARE, please go to http://www.opalesque.com/AboutA2.html. For more information on Opalesque, please go to http://www.opalesque.com.


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