Nevis as an Offshore Company Tax Haven

Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

The government of Nevis is totally committed to the ongoing provision of competitive offshore services to companies and to maintaining the privacy and protection of those involved in legitimate business practices. Anyone who chooses to incorporate their company in Nevis can have a great deal of confidence in the on-going stability and competitive nature of the jurisdiction’s offshore structure.

Nevis Companies and their Tax liability

Nevis companies pay no corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax, stamp tax, asset tax, exchange controls or other fees or taxes levied in Nevis on assets or income originating from outside of Nevis.

Nevis Offshore Company Banking

Offshore Formations 247 can incorporate Nevis companies with a choice of offshore bank accounts at the time of formation. We work closely with a number of banks, including HSBC, and FBME bank in Cyprus. Combining the two saves time and couldn’t be simpler.

Nevis Company Formation / Registration

Offshore Formations 247 are able to incorporate a Nevis offshore company. Company formation normally takes up to 1 to 5 days to register, though Off The Shelf companies are available should your requirements be more immediate.

Nevis Offshore Company Anonymity and Disclosure

Nevis has traditionally offered excellent privacy. Nevis offshore companies are not required to disclose the names of directors and beneficial owners to the registration authorities, and therefore these are not publicly available. There is no requirement for books or audited reports to be presented to any authorities, and no annual meeting is required.

Nevis Offshore Company Shares

Normally the authorised share capital is either 1,000 no par value shares or US$ 100,000 with a par value of US$ 1. There is no minimum or maximum number of shares issued. Registered shares, preference shares, bearer shares, redeemable shares and shares with or without par value are all permitted.

Nevis companies can offer bearer shares. Bearer shares allow you to keep details of your shareholding private as ownership of the shares passes simply by physical transfer. As such, if you wanted to keep your holding of a particular company private, bearer shares could be ideal. Please note that by law, the original bearer shares must be kept in custody at the Registered Office. Copies are provided to the owners.

Our Services – Offshore Company Formation, Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Mail forwarding and Bank Accounts

Offshore Formations 247 specialize in Nevis company formations ranging from simple company registrations to complex structures including offshore Trusts and in providing a very comprehensive assortment of administrative services to Nevis companies, including the provision of Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Mail Forwarding and Bank Account services. We are also able to offer a ‘transfer in’ service whereby we can take over the management of your existing Nevis Offshore Company, often for no cost at all.

 Our specialist Nevis company formation and company registration team:

 Retains well-established affiliations with local company agents in Nevis

Maintains an experienced staff with knowledge of legal requirements for company formation in Nevis
Guarantees that all company filing fees and documents are up-to-date and notifies clients of all Nevis compliance changes

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