Litigation paralegal jobs

Written by admin on May 10th, 2011

Civil litigation is that branch of law that has got nothing to do with family related or criminal cases. The kind of cases that fall under this branch are the automobile accident suits, breach or violation of contracts that has been signed or agreed, medical malpractice suits and so on. A paralegal who is enthusiastic about helping lawyers dealing with these kinds of cases are expected to have loads of work and plenty of duties to perform.

There are several degree and qualifications that are demanded by the law firms all over the country. There are many vocational institutes and colleges that provide certificate programs for pupils who are aspiring paralegals. The universities and colleges that provide a 4 years program in paralegal studies or criminal studies are considered better and more capable.

They offer bachelor or associate degree. The curriculums in these colleges have been designed in such a way that the pupils get some exposure and ability to work in civil litigation firms. Most of the paralegal jobs demand at least an experience of one year and at the same time a valid degree. In case you want to apply for any such firms then get it confirmed as to what are there requirements.

Most of the paralegals working in civil litigation firms are expected to do a lot of legal research. In this way the lawyers are saved some precious hours and at the same time the client also get to save some amount of money. Since the paralegals are billed at a lower rate than what a lawyer is billed, this work of legal research is actually advantageous for both the parties.

The legal researches, which you, as a paralegal is expected to conduct consists of case studies that are similar to the one that you and your lawyer is presently working on. The legal database that you are most likely to use in this case will be lexis nexis, Westlaw or find law and many more.

The paralegals are usually expected to write many legal documents pertinent to any particular case. The legal documents usually consist of complaints and answers. A complain is usually a legal document that needs submission in the court describing the reason of lawsuit and it also states the persons who are involved.

And an answer is like a response or reply given to the accusations made on the other party. All these documents require a lot of legal research and citation which can in a way support your client’s case.

Since lawyers are busy attending the initial meetings and handle the court appearance, as litigation paralegal your job would be to verify information from the clients and answer their minute questions or entertain any queries and clear their doubts. For this reason a civil litigation paralegal has to be professional and at the same time be friendly with the clients. But make sure that you have good knowledge over the case, or else no point speaking rubbish.

Litigation paralegal job opportunities would be plenty since lawyers would definitely like some help.

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