Legal Assistant Education ? Requirements to Become a Paralegal

Written by admin on May 14th, 2011

A legal assistant education covers everything that a legal assistant or paralegal needs to know. It may cover different paralegal programs, courses, degrees or certificates.

A paralegal profession can be a rewarding and challenging career. It is becoming one of the top most hired in the job market nowadays. A paralegal or legal assistant is the one who provides the administrative support to lawyers. He also plays a vital role of assisting the lawyers when it comes to legal services’ delivery.

To become a paralegal, you need to learn a paralegal education, which is a great tool to become prepared in entering the paralegal profession. A legal assistant education is available in various universities and colleges. It will teach students the core of the paralegal education as well as give training that will train the students on the professional responsibility and ethics of the paralegal work.

The office culture and politics of the paralegal profession is also covered by the paralegal education in order to prepare the students for any challenges. The organizational structure of the legal workplace is also covered by the legal assistant education.

Advanced skills that involve criminal laws and legal procedures are part of a legal assistant education. With the emergence of computer and internet technology, investigations, civil litigations and conducting interviews are now part of the legal assistant education.

Doing legal research, writing and analysis are covered as well by paralegal studies to help the students to build a solid foundation for their paralegal career.

Here are the two of the most common types of programs for legal assistant education:

(1) Paralegal Associate Degree Programs – these programs are often offered in two or four year programs. The major curriculum of these programs normally combines the general education and paralegal courses in the related areas.

(2) Paralegal Bachelor Degree Programs – these programs give the students the title of a baccalaureate degree once completed. It usually covers 120 to 130 semester units and helps the student to prepare various critical duties such as doing legal articles and materials, judicial decisions, identifying appropriate laws, investigation of case facts and other legal functions concerning the organization.

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