Iva Debt Help: Saving You From Filing for Bankruptcy

Written by admin on May 4th, 2011


If you want to avoid bankruptcy your best alternative is Individual voluntary arrangement. The Insolvency act established by the UK Government in 1986 constituted a proposal for formal repayment to the creditors via an insolvency practitioner. In case of an IVA debt help, the charges of the secured creditors generally remain unchanged as the claims of only the unsecured creditors are compromised.


A creditor’s meeting is organized by the insolvency practitioner, where a decision is taken to consider the proposal of the IVA debt help In case of the IVA the creditors get a higher return that they would have got in case of the bankruptcy filed by the debtor.


The increase in number of bad debtors in financial market in UK has opened a doorway for many financial organizations to practice IVA. The specialist organizations have their websites where you can log in to check out the terms and conditions of the IVA. Everything is mentioned in a very simple language so that every one can understand. You may propose for an IVA even if you have filed a bankruptcy. But that is only possible in few circumstances. An IVA is personal, as no advertisement is given in the local newspaper like the bankruptcy. They last up to five years. You are still eligible for obtaining credit even if you have proposed for an IVA debt help in some cases.


IVA is always less expensive than a bankruptcy. By proposing for it you can stop the disturbing phone calls, Email and correspondences from your creditors. The creditors can not take any enforcement actions after they agree for an IVA. The biggest advantage of entering in an IVA is that you do not have to give away your property to the creditors and you may use the equity of your property by applying for a home owner loan. However the supervisor for the IVA can register a restriction in the land registry so that the property may not be sold or remortgage without his consent.

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