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Written by admin on May 3rd, 2011

Two young men determined to create a robot, which could make stock picks using dynamic stock content met their goal. The main goal of the robot was to gather information about the stock markets. The robot’s database would grow as it collected dynamic stock content from which to predict stock picks. They were ready to run the first test but they had to own the stock they would test. The two young men knew a little about stock trading because they were a little familiar with Penny stocks. Marl the Robot, could not make their stock picks for the first test. They needed to make their own decision and stock picks.

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They decided to leave the big stock companies and the million dollar stock business to the “big guys.” Their deliberate, planned decision-making is one of their greatest assets. They recognized the Penny stocks are capable of suddenly quadrupling in value. Using dynamic stock content gathered by Marl, and analyzing the data, they could suggest stock picks. They were comfortable in their decision to pick Penny stocks because of the known volatility. Those times the stock climate is, just right, Penny stocks can soar upward in value by as much as 400% in a short time.

Michael and Carl could build any size database; create computer programs, applications and security patches. Their technical computer knowledge and skills could not be in question. Marl possessed the capability to gather dynamic stock content and make stock picks. They could not gather all of the price changes of all the stocks and rapidly design change charts to analyze the data and make stock picks. They could watch the activities of maybe one stock every 7-8 seconds. Marl would watch seven stocks every second, recording the data related to one thousand situations at the same time.

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The plan for a robot powered by the best stock picking software is succeeding in making stock picks. Marl continues to roam around in the OTC and Pink sheet exchanges. Stock Earnings of 0 is big money for some members of the Doubling Stocks newsletter. Other members move into categories of stocks with greater cost, risk and reward, and attain earnings up to several hundred thousand dollars based upon the dynamic stock content gathered by Marl.

The interesting and true story of Michael, Carl published in the Wall Street Journal in 2007, brought them and their computer Marl to the attention of others. After the first test to check out the exactitude of Marl’s stock picks the next day they began with 0.13¢ in Penny stock. The second day began at .065 cents in the stock. At the close of the second day when they added the second day earnings to their account, the balance had grown from .013¢ to .065¢ to 92. 00.

A robot is only as good as the technicians who build it the stock picks are the result of two very intelligent two young men. However, the best advice in stock picks is the advice of professionals within the stock trade within our local cities and towns. There is no guarantee for stock picks.

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