How to Apply for an Equity Loan Online

Written by admin on May 9th, 2011

Nowadays it’s very popular to use search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for equity loans online, not to mention mortgages in general.
Some Online Mortgage companies are the best thing you can ever find on the Internet, but some of them can waist your time and put you in a bigger trouble than what you’re already in.

Why am I referring to Equity Loans Online and not any other mortgage financial institutions?
Because most of us today are trying to see how much equity we have in our homes, so we can refinance to get money to cover debts or Refinance to get a better interest rate, perhaps fixed for 30 years.

What are equity rates?
Equity rates are not so different from any other mortgage rates, but it depends on how much money you will borrow and the amount of cash out you will take from your home, then you will know your equity rates for your Refinance. The Equity Interest rate is determent by the LTV(Loan to Value), the higher the LTV is the higher the interest rate because it’s a higher risk to the bank.

What am I saying?
When you will take higher Loan amount for your purchase or Refinance then the bank will raise the interest rate but if you will take a low Loan comparing to the value then the interest rate will be lower and the bank will feel more comfortable to Loan you the money.

Equity Loans for people with bad credit are still possible?
of course they are! I wrote some great options in some other articles about the FHA Programs, hard Money Loans programs and about equity loans for individuals with bad credit.
If you missed my other articles let me tell you that the best option today for equity loans for people with bad credit is the FHA Program.
All you need to do is get an FHA Broker and make sure he’s FHA Approved so you will not waist your time with the wrong mortgage Broker, You definitely need to know the FHA Guidelines and the FHA Requirements, do not wait until you will find an FHA Broker that can explain you the FHA Guidelines and the FHA Requirements, get ahead of the game and do it yourself.
After you learn all the FHA Guidelines and the FHA Requirements go to your FHA Broker and ask him the right questions, so you will get the right answers to save your dream home and lock a great rate fixed for 30 years, Remember:

“KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” Mortgage Brokers will always do the best they can to help you or others because that’s what they do 24/7, give them a chance but never forget that everything eventually is under your name, and your name only. Http://

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