Great Internet Home Business Ideas Start With These Product Categories

Written by admin on May 23rd, 2011

Every Internet Marketing business needs customers and the way to get customers is by determining exactly who the targeted customer is and then choosing products guaranteed to appeal to them. There are three basic categories to choose from and all great Internet home business ideas start with these product categories.

Each of these three categories have a variety of sub-categories, but the main categories are Physical Products, Services and Content, or Digital Information Products.

It has long been known that the primary principle of marketing is to find a need and fill it. Successful marketers have learned the importance of identifying which types of products are best suited to their targeted prospects before they begin their marketing campaigns. They know that in most cases, there is a superior product that fills the need better than other products and that they should take the time to either create or find that superior product.

This is vitally important because a marketer’s reputation must be built on quality and dependability. Not to mention the fact that, with Internet competition being so intense these days, a marketer needs to stand out if he or she hopes to be successful in the business.

Some marketers can create their own products; they have the necessary skill or experience to do it. Other marketers may find it more appealing to seek outside suppliers for the products they need. In either case, whether we are talking physical products, services or digital information products, the choices of products are very broad, indeed. Internet home business ideas can be found to suit pretty much any need or interest.

Physical Products:

Your effectiveness in selling a product will be greatly influenced by how confident you are in it. Therefore, when choosing a physical product, you should carefully consider what types of products you will feel most comfortable with. Here are some physical product ideas to think about:

* Books, Music CDs, Movie DVDs

* Computer and Telephone accessories

* Home Care, Personal Care, Pet Care products

* Automotive accessories, Tools in general

* Sports and Outdoor products and accessories

* Clothing, Family Apparel, Baby and Children needs

* Home and Garden

* Gifts and Flowers

* Educational, Personal Development

This is a short list. In reality, the choice of products is limitless. Once you know what you want to sell, with a little research you will be able to find a suitable source. Virtually anything can be sold successfully on the Internet.


Once again, there is no limit to the types of services that can be promoted from an Internet home business. There is quite likely a supplier out there for virtually every kind of service. Here are a few service ideas:

* Subscriptions to magazines and other print or electronic publications

* Web Hosting services

* Business services such as bookkeeping and accounting

* Travel Consulting, Planning, Bookings

* Educational and Training programs and courses

* Real Estate services

Content and Digital Information Products:

The wonderful thing about the digital information age is that it has brought an incredible demand for information products of all kinds. If a marketer can produce high quality content in volume, then they can develop a great business. On the other hand, if this isn’t their special skill, they can promote and sell content in a variety of forms that is produced by others. Here are some common types of content:

* eBooks and Reports (on virtually every topic conceivable)

* Training and How-To Guides

* Articles for online magazines and other content sites

* Blog articles and posts

An endless supply of ready-made digital information products can be found online from many sources willing to provide it.

The purpose of business is to get customers and you get customers by selecting the types of products that you know will appeal to them. When you think about it, product types fall into three main categories and all great Internet home business ideas start with these product categories.

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