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Written by admin on May 4th, 2011

Many people dream about making there living as a penny stock day trader. This is a very possible dream to achieve. All you need to know is how to make good penny stocks picks. It is very possible to make a full time income with penny stocks. With the right penny stocks picks, you can day trade yourself to that beach home in California in no time!

The real thing to look for in making good penny stocks picks is an undervalued company. There are a ton of undervalued companies just floating around in the stock market every day! You have to find a company that has big deals going on that are pending. Look for a company that is doing a deal with a very large company. Those stocks tend to jump at least for a day or two. That is enough time for you to rake in some nice profit! Finding an undervalued company is a great way to find a good penny stocks pick.

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Another, more risky, way to find a good penny stocks pick is to find a company that is about to make a big announcement. Most companies will give a several day notice that they will be releasing an announcement. While this is a more risky way to find a good penny stocks picks, it can make you some big bucks! There is never a absolute sure penny stocks pick but, if you do your research, you will do great! That leads us to our next way to find good penny stocks picks.

Research! You must research your companies like there is no tomorrow! If there was one tip I could give about finding good penny stocks picks, it would be research. Never go with a gut feeling while looking for great penny stocks picks. It is amazing how much money five more minuets of research might save you. Many times I have been looking for good penny stocks picks and gone with a gut feeling just to lose money. If I would have spent thirty minuets doing some research, I would have known that company had a bad quarter! So do not underestimate research in finding good penny stocks picks.

Finding great penny stocks picks is very important to day trading and can lead to major profits very quickly. I have been day trading for a living for nearly 4 years now and it is really great! If you would like great insider secrets to finding good penny stocks picks, visit my lens on it today! Penny Stocks Picks

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