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Written by admin on May 18th, 2011

The key to making money in the stock market starts with the successful trade. It doesn’t matter what you’re trading. Many people look for penny stock picks to help get them on the right track and this is perfectly okay. However, there is a little bit of qualifying that must be done first. Let’s talk about that.

Perhaps one problem that plagues penny stock traders, which leads to capital loss, is the thought that penny stock buying is somehow easier or less valuable than buying “regular” stocks like Starbucks. This isn’t so. The same due diligence must be performed.

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If you were to survey all the wealthy people on the planet (those with real wealth who stay that way), you’d find that by in large everyone would have one same characteristic: money in any denomination is highly valued and respected.

So, let’s talk penny stock picks and having more successful trades. It’s okay to get your hot penny stock picks from a newsletter, stock forum, blog, etc. What you do with your stock pick from there will largely determine your long-term success.

I’ve discussed this at length on my penny stock site, but let’s briefly talk a little about research. You’ve got to do it. I don’t care if you’re buying 100 shares or one billion. You must do at least some research.

Do you know what the one question you must ask first that could save you from losing a lot of money in the stock market? More on this later.

Volume is something you absolutely must look at before jumping into any penny stock. The best penny stock picks in the world are absolutely worthless if the stock is very difficult to get out of. You want to trade with stocks that allow you to get in and get out whenever you want.

Here’s a great tip for finding research over time. Use Google Alerts. I always recommend this to people. You can have Google alert you for company news, industry news, topical news, blog postings and much more. It’s really a valuable tool in my everyday life.

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