Find Out your Career Opportunities With Online Paralegal Degree

Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

Paralegal, which also known as legal assistant or legal secretary, is important person especially in legal firms. A paralegal aids lawyers in their jobs to complete many important legal tasks. But working at legal firm is not the only job opportunity for a paralegal degree graduate; there are many career paths open for student with paralegal degree. This article will outline some of them.

Many business fields other than legal firms are looking for employees who have related knowledge in paralegal for their company positions, hence the paralegal job opportunities have rise significantly recent years and paralegal study has become one of the popular selection majors by the students. The road to becoming a paralegal has never been easier with numerous online colleges and online universities offering online paralegal degree programs. With the available of online paralegal degree programs, you can now pursue your degree from any locations that have access to internet. And most of these online degree programs have a flexible schedule that best fit into your busy schedule.

Paralegal Career Fields

Law firms have the most of paralegals. Paralegals who working with lawyers normally have job functions such as assist lawyers in court cases by conduction client interview, research, analysis and verify the accuracy of case fact, draft legal documents such as contracts, mortgages, separation agreements & etc. In order to success in your career as paralegal in law firm, you need to be extremely sharp and responsive to lawyer’s request and legal process & procedure.

Beside the legal firms, graduates with paralegal degree find many job opportunities in corporations. Many students who undertake paralegal studies are most commonly holding position at departments such as human resources, finance and legal. They mainly involve in tasks related to employee benefits, stock option plans, shareholder agreements, annual financial reports, tax returns and company sales & purchase agreement with their clients and suppliers.

There are many paralegal degree holders secure their careers with government agencies. They mainly involve in job functions such as legal information analysis, maintenance of reference files, research, collection and analysis of evidence for lawyers relate to legal cases and preparation of confidential information for internal uses and legal information for public notification.

Paralegal Degree Graduates Earning Potential

Wages earned by paralegals very according to the employment sector and type of paralegal degree you are holding with. There are associate, bachelor, master and doctorate paralegal degree that you can earn with. The higher the degree level, the better the earning will be. In term of employment section, large legal corporations pay the best, with some earning as much as ,000 annually. In average, paralegal annual salary is about ,000; US federal government pays higher, about ,000 per annum and state governments pay some where around ,000 annually.

In Summary

The online degree in paralegal major has become popular in conjunction with the increase of market demand. While law firms continue to be the employers of most paralegals, there are many other career opportunities for a paralegal degree graduates for success with.

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