Exchange Your Ranch Land And Save Money

Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

As the economy struggles to regain its footing, the housing market remains a viable option for many people who want to invest in something more stable than the stock market. For those looking for a tax opportunity, the available farms and ranches for sale in Texas right now may offer you the perfect solution. Now may be the right time to sell one property in order to give you the cash flow you need to purchase one of the many Texas farms and ranches for sale all over the state of Texas, and with the potential of a tax benefit, why not look into a beautiful Texas ranch? These properties are excellent investment opportunities and offer some of the best ranch and farmland in Texas from the stream covered rolling hills of south Texas to the wooded plains of west Texas; now is a great chance to own one of these properties. If you find yourself in possession of such a property, the Internal Revenue Service offers an option for landowners wanting to avoid paying capital gains through a 1031 exchange. What is a 1031 exchange? Section 1031 of the IRS code makes an allowance for an exchange of properties of like kind and thereby defers the capital gains tax due upon the sale of a property. This tax code enables property owners to exchange properties even if the properties are of different values. The same goes for the state of the property if it is developed or if equipment exists on it. Of course, there are legalities and restrictions that you need to research if you don’t have experience navigating the nuisances of the 1031 tax code. Although you don’t necessarily need to hire a CPA, you would be wise to consult with one before executing a 1031 exchange. Their experience in property exchanges and sales on some of the best ranch land in Texas can help any seller or buyer succeed. So whether you are considering looking at Texas deer hunting ranches for sale, or just regular Texas farms and ranches for sale, keep in mind the potential tax benefits that these investments may be able to offer you. In an economy like the one we face right now, every little bit helps.

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