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Written by admin on May 23rd, 2011

1, China’s jewelry industry status quo over the past 20 years, the Chinese jewelry industry to be an unprecedented development, from the output of a 100 million development to nearly 1,000 billion yuan, the development of employees from 2 million to 200 million people, China has become the world’s largest consumer of platinum, platinum annual sales volume of 140 ~ 1.5 million ounces; China is one of Asia’s largest diamond market, the annual consumption of diamonds has reached 1.1 billion dollars; China is also the world’s fourth largest gold consuming countries, the annual Gold Jewelry demand for up to 200 tons; the same time, China is the world’s largest jade and emerald consumer market. Can be said that jewelry consumption in China has occupied an important position in the international arena, China’s market direction will have a direct impact on international market trends and prices.

Recalling the Chinese jewelry industry, in general experiencing stagnation, recovery, development of three stages. Eighties before the Chinese jewelry industry has always been at a standstill after the recovery period after nearly a decade, from 1990 to 2000, China’s jewelry industry has begun to enter the fast development stage. On the one hand jewelry production capacity of rapid growth. To the late nineties, the national gold production of 500 enterprises in more than 4 Makes Efforts to Improve jewelry manufacturer, employing 200 million people. On the other hand, the rapid expansion of market demand for jewelry, jewelery, 2000, total sales of 800 billion yuan, in 2002 the national consumption of jewelry to reach 1,000 billion yuan, the export of nearly 30 billion dollars.

Looking at the domestic jewelry industry, we can see the following features:

1, China’s jewelry industry, rapid development is due to the initial high profits prompted millions of soldiers engaged in jewelry, jewelry store to open. On the one hand to the jewelry industry is a big promotion, a large spread; the other hand, thousands of shops side, there is no difference, no characteristics. Between the brand among enterprises has not changed much, we are missing can also be said is that we do not have time to learn the difference between brand positioning, corporate positioning differences. Can be said that China’s jewelry industry, rapid development, but the lack of features and characteristics of the homogenization of becoming a serious problem.

2, the domestic jewelry manufacturing standards to be improved. Election materials, processing, design, etc., the corresponding need to experience, production skills and cultural background and other aspects of the accumulation. To continuously improve our design, production capacity, improve our processes. In learning foreign technology, process, design is also necessary to dig out our native products, produced with the national characteristics of products, works of art, high-end jewelry consumer.

3, market competition is still at a low level of price competition, restricted the industry’s overall development. Arbitrary discount, individual shoddy, Yijiachongzhen such phenomena have occurred, which greatly damaged the image of our jewelry industry, industry self-regulation long way to go.

At the same time, there is an obvious advantage of our industry, and outstanding performance in the following points:

1, 10 years of inlaid jewelry industry development, we already have a considerable level and ability. According to statistics, more than 90% of Hong Kong, inlaid jewelry is processed in the mainland, we have more than 200 processing plants all year round for foreign jewelry, the annual output value of more than 30 billion dollars. We also have more than 300 plants have the ability to process foreign orders, the potential processing capacity is far from tapped. It can be said, in the jewelry inlaid processing, China’s advantage is extremely obvious, to become the world’s jewelry processing center capacity and foundation.

2, China’s freshwater pearl production accounts for more than 90% of world production, improving the quality of fast annual output reached 600 tons. However, the problem is a culture of the original bead-based and did not form their own deep-processing capacity and a complete industrial chain.

3, China has become the world’s man-made gem Cutting machining center, Wuzhou, Guangxi, China, represented by man-made gemstones Cutting machining center formation, making the world man-made gem processing, production shifted to China.

4, China’s diamond processing capacity and the levels up to international standards, annual processing 3 million karats, employing 18,000 people, as long as the policy of dispersal is good, the diamond processing industry to resolve tens of thousands of employment opportunities, tremendous potential for development, we have become the world’s diamond machining center is possible.

5, China’s stone carving, jade carving, unique, is an industry with rich cultural connotation, there are more than 40 million employees. Take jade, the jade produced in Myanmar, but the market is in China, from the number to see 80% of the raw material processing and sales in China, from the quality point of view, since the Asian financial crisis, China is becoming a major market top-grade jade 1.

6, reform and opening up 20 years ago, China’s jewelry jade industry in a market economy has been great development, the use of local resources, the advantages of traditional crafts, as well as location advantages, gradually developed a number of resource development jade jewelry, jewelry processing trade centers or industrial base. Formed in Shenzhen, Panyu, Dongguan, Wuzhou, Changle, the town level, Zhuji, the East China Sea, Fuzhou, Qingtian, Xiuyan more than 20 cities and towns as the representative of the regional advantages and gem stone resources base.

Into the 21st century, China’s economy maintained strong development momentum, the rapid growth of income, the amount of annual population growth of all bank deposits over 1 trillion, by the end of 2002, total deposits had exceeded 8 trillion, the first half of 2003 exceeded 1 trillion, yuan, residents to buy jewelry of economic support is still strong. In this historical period, China’s jewelry industry will continue to maintain a certain growth rate, but the amount of growth will give way to improve the quality, only by upgrading the quality of products and marketing skills, in order to increase their competitiveness. Second, the development prospects of China’s jewelry industry, 90 years from the last century since the dramatic increase in the number of firms is characterized by large-scale development stage, to the 21st century in order to shape the corporate image of the brand is characterized by stage of development, China’s jewelry industry in the face of unprecedented opportunities for development, due to the continuous improvement of environment, industry development, China’s jewelry industry to maintain a healthy, sustainable and stable development momentum.

First of all, the Chinese government to encourage and develop the jewelry jade jewelry industry, has introduced a number of favorable policies and measures. In accordance with China’s accession to WTO commitments, and actively adjust the relevant policy, the overall average tariff rate from December 2001 has been 15.3% down to 2004, about 10%. In October 2000, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange was formally established; October 2002 Shanghai Gold Exchange officially running; in August 2003 formally platinum traded at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, marking the Chinese jewelry raw materials and products from the circulation system on the into the track of the market economy.

In May 2003 to stop implementation of the People’s Bank of products including gold production, processing, wholesale and retail business, including 26 items requiring administrative approval, marking the gold, silver and other precious metals and their products from the management system to achieve full liberalization of the market. The tax adjustment, for the import of diamonds, diamond consumption tax and import of gold, platinum and others have a corresponding adjustment of a series of tax policy, which is both a World Trade Organization and the Shanghai APEC meeting commitments to be honored, but also Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition jewelry improve the competitiveness of the important guarantee.

At present, the Shanghai Diamond Office, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and the Gemmological Association of China, Ministry of Land Resources Management Center jewelry jade jewelry on diamond import and export related tax adjustment done a lot of work, and we hope that through rational adjustment of the diamond tax policy, rationalize the diamond industry segments, to promote domestic diamond processing industry in large-scale development.

Secondly, we have been trying to cultivate and standardize the jewelry jade jewelry market. Countries have successively developed a series of criteria and regulations, such as “jade jewelry name”, “jade jewelry. Identification “,” Diamond Grading, “” Pearl grading “and” Gold and Silver jewelry identification regulations “,” jewelry precious metals purity requirements and naming “and so on. Provinces and municipalities have also developed a number of approaches, standards and so on.

Again, a huge domestic consumer market to promote the jewelry industry to create a foundation for take off. According to statistics, the turnover of a variety of jewelry over 1,000 billion yuan in 2003 exports will reach 3 billion dollars. Become the world’s sales of jewelry more than 10 billion dollars, one of the few countries, and the annual rate of

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