Comprehensive Guidance For Gauging The Top Mutual Funds In India

Written by admin on May 4th, 2011

Mutual funds are basically instruments for investing money. People want to invest their money in top mutual funds and allow their money to grow. It is because the bank rates have fallen down considerably in last few years. If you want to increase the value of your money over a period of time, then investing on mutual funds is a wise decision.

However, it is crucial to understand where and how we are investing our own hard earned money. Someone has truly said “Spend like a child, Offer like young and save like elderly people”. When you try saving your money, you will need to have wisdom and lot of patience. You will also need to be very careful.

Stock market investments are one the best ways to save money. However, not every investor is well informed about the volatile market situation and may land up in heavy losses. Mutual funds are therefore considered to be the best option where the fund manager does it all for you.

There are lots of mutual funds in India offering various options to invest your money. Mutual funds are cost effective and very efficient. Investors can purchase or sell stocks at a much cheaper rate through mutual funds. You may not be able to get lower trading costs if you tried selling or buying stocks on your own.

The biggest advantage of mutual funds is that it provides diversification. Mutual funds in India are divided into the following types:

•    Open-end Funds – Money which is raised from the shareholders and invested in a group of assets is known as open-end funds.
•    Closed-End Funds – The number of shares issued is fixed through an initial public offering in closed-end funds.
•    Large-Cap Funds – In this type of funds money is invested in large blue chip companies.
•    Mid-cap Funds – Money is invested in medium sized or small sized companies in this kind of mutual fund.
•    Balanced Funds – Mutual funds that buys a combination of short-term bonds, preferred stocks and common stocks is known as balanced or hybrid funds.
•    Equity Funds – In this type of fund the pooled amount of money from the public companies is invested. It is also known as stock mutual funds.
•    Growth Funds – In this type of mutual funds capital appreciation by investing in growth stocks is the main aim.
•    No load Funds – Load funds and No Load funds are two types of mutual funds.
•    Exchange Traded Funds – Unlike conventional mutual funds, ETF’s are traded on an exchange.

There are few other classifications also like the International mutual funds, index funds, sector funds, regional mutual funds or money market funds. You can find the list of top mutual funds and then invest money in those. These days information is readily available on any of the newspapers, financial magazines, news and finance websites etc.

Mutual fund investments get affected by the volatility of the market activity. Inflation, interest rate changes and the economic scenario largely affects the mutual funds.

Some of the top mutual funds companies in India are:
•    Reliance Mutual Funds
•    ICICI Prudential
•    HDFC
•    DSP Merrill Lynch
•    SBI Mutual Funds
•    Franklin Templeton
•    Sundaram BNP Paribas

You will need to keep a track of latest market value of mutual funds in India if you want to invest money in mutual funds. Saving is the best way to prepare you for the future.

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