Commercial Bridging Loans Make Business Property Buy Easy

Written by admin on May 14th, 2011

If you are in problems due to cash flow gap when you are going to buy a new commercial property, there is a solution other than taking loans you’re your kins. Friends and relatives often turn around during your needs and they may seek the money back at any hour. So, there is a solution in hand, which serves better and it is with the commercial bridging loans. Let’s know it.

Commercial Bridging Loans are generally designed to fix the cash flow gaps coming between a commercial property buying and selling. You can grab the money from commercial bridging loans, buy your property with the fund and return it when you can sell out your old property. So, commercial bridging loans are somewhat related with property exchange.

Commercial bridging loan, however, is of two folds, open ended and closed ended. When you get all the talks about selling your present property finished before you buy a new one, you can take the closed ended commercial bridging loans as support. And, when your present property selling is yet to happen, you have to opt for open ended commercial bridging loans.

Commercial bridging loans are available for a short period only and are secured in nature where your property to be sold or bought serves as the collateral for your money. You can grab an amount ranging from £ 25000 to £50000 for a short period. There is another interesting feature attached to the repayment of commercial bridging loans. Commercial bridging loans are interest only loans. This means that through out the repayment tenure, you are required to pay only the interest and the principal amount can be paid any convenient them once you re done with the selling of your present property.

However, commercial bridging loans are opened online too and this serves as a great benefit since online process makes everything fast as well as cheap enough.

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