Buying Direct From the Factory Saves Consumers Money in Harsh Economy

Written by admin on May 1st, 2011

With consumers looking to save more, sectors are opening to direct sales. A prime example is newly launched online storefront, They create a virtual store for consumers to purchase hardwood right out of the factory. If you are a little nervous about making a purchase without seeing the product, have no fear. To make up for their lack of physical retail set-up they send free samples to prospects. This allows the customer to hold the products in their hands without leaving the comfort of their home. Not only is this more convenient to the customer, but it saves everyone money. There is not a cost of a retail store and therefore the price for the seller and the buyer is lower.

Hardwood floors ship straight from the warehouse (based right in Austin Texas) which means products are always in stock. A tight unit is maintained at the factory. Items are sent out within 48-72 hours of ordering. The products are top of the line nine-layer engineered hardwood at almost the price of linoleum. It is a consumer’s gold mine. They can get what they want, when they want at an affordable price. Consumers are free from the retailer/distributor process. When a purchase is made through a retail outlet, the retailer sends the order to the factory, the factory ships it to the retailer and then the retailer sells it to the consumer. This process inflates cost and increases the time between when the customer makes a purchase and receives their product.

Ordering online straight from, or any direct sales outlet, means no high-pressure salesman, no misplaced or mixed-up orders, and no retail mark-ups. Who better to consult with and buy from than the people who actually manufacture the hardwood floors? Time and money are conserved. You can browse hardwood flooring products direct from the factory and see the benefits at, email with inquiries or call with any and all questions at 1(877)83-REALWOOD (73259).

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