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Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

After around 4 years of dealing mainly with property sales, renovations, building work and arranging view trips, I have now decided it is time, given the current economic climate and after my trials and tribulations in Bulgaria to overhaul the site. Sales have been scaled down to a few for sale by friends (and me) and am now concentrating on general advice and house exchanges – be it within Bulgaria, back to UK or a different country. So if you are wanting to swap your UK semi for a house in the sun in Bulgaria, France, Spain, America etc then take a look at the Property Exchange Service. Or if you are an expat wanting to move back to the UK, then take a look to see if you could swap your house abroad for something back in the UK and get back on the property ladder there. Lots of options to those willing to think ‘outside the box’ a little.

Now, after just over 2 years in Bulgaria and around 4 years helping others buy and renovate in Bulgaria, and especially given current economic climate, I have decided to overhaul the site so that instead of concentrating mainly on sales, it will be more of a place to get advice on Bulgaria and property investment there and a place to locate suitable permanent house exchanges. Many people have invested in several properties in Bulgaria, often all in the same area and would now like to swap say an apartment on the coast for one in a ski resort, or maybe they are looking to leave Bulgaria and willing to negotiate a swap for an older cheaper property in France or Spain say, or swap their Bulgarian property plus make up value in cash for place back in the UK, while others in the UK are desperate to leave but with the weak pound, low interest rates, the property market being so slow and other factors, they do not have the opportunity to buy abroad so maybe a house exchange might work for them. I am still developing the contacts and the idea so keep checking back and register your interest by signing up for the mailing list.

Want to talk to someone independent about buying in Bulgaria? Discuss various areas, what your money will get you? Seen a property for sale you are not sure about? Want to invest in a holiday home there? I have worked in the Bulgarian property market for over 4 years and lived in Bulgaria for 2 and half years. I much experience with problems with off plan developments, builders, the court system etc.

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