Building a List – The Most Valuable Asset for Your Online Business

Written by admin on May 20th, 2011

What is the most valuable asset for your business? This is a key question and the most common mistake that people who are wanting to succeed online are making. Fortunately the solution is simple and that is to build a list. If you want to succeed online and make money online then it is absolutely essential that you build a list.

Think of some people who you consider to be the most successful on line and we absolutely guarantee that they all have large lists. Their lists (asset) make them money and your list can make you money too. You must have your own list and you need to get one set up as soon as possible. You should also set up and use an email follow up system. This all sounds very simple but so many people do not do it! Here are our simple steps to get you started:-

Step 1

Create an account with an autoresponder company – there are numerous ones to choose from. We use and like Aweber – you can get a trial account for for the first month to get started! Don’t compromise – what you pay is what you get!

Step 2

Add a sign up box (also known as a web form) to every page on your website or blog inviting visitors to ask for more information. You should add weight to this by giving a gift. This might be an e-book or a video training – something that will wow them enough for them to give you their email address.

Step 3

Now create a series of messages to go out to those people who gave you their details and asked for more information. These are known as your subscribers.

The first messages you send out are very important as your new subscribers are most interested in you at this point. If you have a free gift to give them then this will be the first “message” that you deliver. It might be a PDF report, an e-book, a video series – anything that will add great value to their experience. Whatever fits within your particular niche.

Whilst there is no magic formula to how many messages to send out to your subscribers we think 2-3 times each week is reasonable. If you follow these basic steps you will now have a basic follow up system that will help you to make more sales.

The Key to Your Success is Your Relationship with Your List

The relationship you build with your list is the key. Always deliver value and content that your subscribers want. Do not try and sell dating products or health and wellness products to your internet marketing list for example. They will quickly unsubscribe!

What Information Can I Send My List?

With the internet there is so much information that content for your messages (called broadcasts) is never in short supply. If people are not unsubscribing then they like your content. They may not buy immediately but a percentage of them will buy from you eventually and if they like what they get from you they will buy again.

It is your “job” to keep them happy and deliver what they want. As they say “the money is in the list”. We prefer to say “the money is in the relationship with your list” You need to LOVE your list!

Now that you are on your way to building your list the next step will be market your business and gain subscribers.

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