Better Your Business With An Annuity Lead Generation Company

Written by admin on May 8th, 2011

Many small business owners dealing in annuities are bringing in an average income, when what they want is to join the high earners at the top of their profession. If this is you, you’re probably already trying to figure out how to improve your performance and better your business. Annuity lead generation is one of the most productive ways of doing just that.
How Does Annuity Lead Generation Work?

Annuity lead generation companies are specialized in getting qualified, viable annuity leads to the business owner. How they do this is a mix of marketing and copywriting, and their methods have been especially productive with the use of the Internet.

Generally, these companies are able to provide the small business owners with quality leads by the use of specially developed websites. With several websites (or a single, dedicated website), the lead generation company will promote the benefits of annuities. With other websites, they’ll advertise the danger of annuities. Each website ends with an offer to complete an online request form for more information.

Potential leads visit these websites and read the information posted there, and fill out the form. The form then goes to the company, who gathers the leads and then sends them to you. What you then have is a list of leads, with full contact information, that are already interested in what you have to offer.
Why Use an Annuity Lead Generation Company?

It sounds so easy. You set up a website with some persuasive writing, add the online request form and leads will drop into your proverbial lap. You’ll be so busy with leads and clients, struggling business owners will invite you to speak at meetings.

Life isn’t that easy, and neither is annuity lead generation. Lead generation companies are experts at getting quality leads, which, in turn, become quality conversions. It’s what they do, and since they build their business by the amount and quality of the leads, they have to be good at it. Depending on the size of the company, they may spend thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of dollars on testing marketing techniques, discovering how to target individuals and learning buyer psychology.

For example:

Have you ever been clicking on the Internet and come across a single page advertising a home business opportunity? Were you really tempted to ask for more information? Just that one page, if written well, can provide a 60% conversion rate – or more! 60% of the people who stop on that page will ask for more information and happily give their contact details to receive it. If only one thousand people ever look at that page, that’s still six hundred quality leads coming to your email. Six hundred potential customers that you don’t have to look for and every one of them are already interested in what you have to sell. All that’s left to convert them is your sales pitch.

Can using an annuity lead generation company really better your business? The answer is another question: How much more could you improve your business performance, if all you have to focus on is the sales once you have the leads?

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