Aba Accredited Paralegal – Advantages of Getting Accredited Paralegal Programs

Written by admin on May 19th, 2011

When planning to have a paralegal profession, it is vital to have a degree from an online school that has ABA accredited paralegal programs. If a student has taken up ABA accredited paralegal programs, the gateway of participating in state entitlement and federally funded programs would be easier.

Also, being an ABA accredited paralegal graduate, getting qualified to pursue advanced studies, such as doctorate or masters degrees, as well as attending other accredited paralegal schools would be fast. Any degree or course from ABA accredited paralegal schools is sure to be competitive in most job markets.

It is because most employers believed that hiring people from ABA accredited paralegal schools would definitely have established standards and education when it comes to the paralegal profession. The employers also believed that if a paralegal student is a graduate from a reputable ABA accredited paralegal school, training was more efficient and effective. Apparently, not all employers believed in all of these.

Some of them would not even use the ABA accredited paralegal credentials for their hiring evaluation. There had been an approximate number of ABA accredited paralegal programs with approved guidelines.

These guidelines are useful in the evaluation process of the programs or courses being offered by the paralegal schools. However, ABA does not recognize accreditation to online paralegal or distance learning programs.

The approval of ABA accredited paralegals is done voluntarily by the institution and there is no further application needed. It is because there were many quality programs being chosen by the ABA before the accreditation process began.

Paralegal organizations, State Bar Associations and some law firms support schools with ABA accredited paralegal programs and courses, because they believe that hiring ABA accredited paralegals or legal assistants is a competitive advantage for the lucrative positions.

Also, the organizations and employers would have an assurance on the comprehensive trainings undergone by the legal assistants to be hired.

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