What?s Required to Open a Successful Dollar Store Business

Written by admin on April 4th, 2011

Open a dollar store! That’s the cry that continues to ring from many.  They’ll tell you this is one of the best ways to put your money to work.  Surely there will be a profit from opening a dollar store.  But starting a dollar store business does require knowledge of the business world, the retail world and the dollar/discount world.  It also requires the capital involved in preparing, opening and operating a growing business.  So don’t just jump right in, gain the knowledge you need to make a wise decision and to manage your business to success.

The first thing to do when opening a dollar store is to determine the amount of the capital that you have access to.  Is it going to be enough of an investment in this kind of business?  You should have enough money to not only prepare for the opening of your new business, but there also needs to be a reserve to handle the demands of a growing business and the fleeting lulls in the industry.

To successfully open a dollar store, you should choose a superior location for your store.  It must be easily and immediately noticed by all prospective shoppers and passersby.  There must be large numbers of potential consumers in the vicinity of your store.  Increase your odds of success even more by finding a location with high traffic counts.  Examine business close-by.  Locate near successful businesses that draw similar shoppers.  Make sure the rent you pay is appropriate for the location and the quality of the location.

You must have attractive and visible exterior signage when you open a dollar store.  Your signage will attract your customers to your dollar store business.  A large, very easily seen sign facing passing traffic as well as signs at entrances to the parking area are both extremely helpful.  Your goal is to make your store visible to everyone.  

The products in your store must be appropriate to meet the needs of your neighborhood.  When you are first opening a dollar store carry the consumable dollar store merchandise everyone needs and uses.  Then after opening be sure to continually ask shoppers if there are other products they must have.  Add those items to your selection to grow sales even higher.

Don’t forget about customer service when you open a dollar store.  Train your personnel to provide the best customer service possible.  When opening a dollar store you must create a shopping experience that will bring shoppers back to your store every time they need an item.  Even better; make the experience so positive that shoppers return just to see what new items you’ve added to the selection being offered.

To your success when you open your dollar store business!

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