What you Need to Know Before you Enroll Into a Debt Management Plan

Written by admin on April 19th, 2011

Don’t drown in your debts, manage them instead! Rather than paying off many separate bills each month, you can use debt strategies to combine your monthly payments into one easy-to-manage bill per month. Debt consolidation gives you the power to get out of debt with the help of a certified debt consolidation agency. In order to properly manage your debt and help you to get rid o your debt in timely basics, a debt consolidation always goes with a debt management plan.

Your debt counselor from debt consolidation agency will normally ask you to enroll into one of their debt management plan. If you decide to enroll in a Debt Management Plan, do your homework before signing anything. Here are some guidelines for your reference before you put your signature on to the debt management contract.

1. Check with the Better Business Bureau

You should short listed a few debt management plans offer by different debt consolidation companies; then, check these company’s rating and their past performance records from Better Business Bureau (www bbb.org). Eliminate from those companies that have an “unsatisfactory” rating at BBB.org. Serious and unresolved complaints will be noted, and you can learn what other names the company operates under so you can look them up as well. Understand how they resolve complaints and whether they will pay your creditors on time.

2. Understand the Fees

Debt consolidation is not free. Fees may include account set up fee and monthly processing fee. Ask for all the fees involved, including the potential hidden fees before you decide to enroll to the proposed debt management plan. Avoid services that need up front fee; the rule of thumb, If you’re paying more than a month, you’re paying too much.

3. Choose a Debt Consolidation Company that Can Handle All Your Accounts

Before you sign a contract, let the debt consolidation company know all your accounts to be consolidated and ask to confirm that they can work with all your creditors and consolidation all your accounts, not just a few.

4. Be Wary of Company That Enroll You in 30 Minutes of Less

A counselor should spend time with you to understand your current financial situation and will make sure that the proposed debt management plan best fit you. In general rule, if a counselor enrolls you into their debt management plan without understanding your real debt problem, they won’t work for your interests in the future either. Be wary of these companies that just want you to become their customer and don’t care about your real financial issues.

In Summary

Debt consolidation with a good debt management plan will is able to help you to resolve your debt issues. While there are many reputable debt consolidation companies around in the market that really provide a good service to help their customers in resolving their debt issues, many are around just to earn profit and ignoring your debt problem. If you decide to enroll in a Debt Management Plan, do your homework before signing anything.

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