What Is A Small Business Loan Alternative?

Written by admin on April 15th, 2011

As bank lending to small businesses has yet to rebound, the need for small business loans alternatives has increased significantly.

As a small business owner searching for business funds, you may have an assortment of questions about small business loans alternatives.  What are they?  How can I get them?  How do they work?

Finding the answers to these questions and more is imperative to discovering a feasible and working funding method for your business.  Once you have the answers, you could be on the road to securing up to 0,000 for your business, sooner than you think.

What is a Small Business Loan Alternative?

A small business loan alternative is a business funding method that can be used in place of a bank loan.  These alternatives are great for small business owners who do not meet bank loan qualifications or who simply do not wish to endure the tedious paperwork and lengthy processes associated with applying for traditional bank loans.

One example of a great bank loan alternative is the business cash advance.  Through the business cash advance, small business owners can get up to 0,000 in unsecured business funds.  The funds can be used with no restrictions and most providers can approve applications in 48 hours and fund accounts in as little as seven business days.

How Can I Get a Small Business Loan Alternative?

If you have owned your business for at least six months, process a minimum of ,500 in monthly credit card sales, have at least one year remaining on your business lease and don’t have any unresolved bankruptcies, generally, you’ll qualify for a business cash advance.  To apply, you will simply need to submit the last four months of your merchant statements, a copy of your driver’s license and business lease and a voided business check.

How Do Small Business Loans Alternatives Work?

Business cash advance providers implement a unique repayment method.  Unlike banks, they don’t require borrowers to repay monthly, out of pocket.  Instead, a small percentage of daily credit card sales is automatically deducted and used to repay the advance.  With this system, your payments go with the flow of business and typically, your advance will be fully repaid in six to eight months.

Find out more about small business loans alternatives or get a free online quote now.

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