Using Settlement Loans to Prevent Bad Credit

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

It’s not uncommon to find a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit that is in serious debt. A lawsuit can take a large financial toll on a plaintiff; especially if the pending lawsuit is related to an injury or accident. This type of situation usually leaves the plaintiff unable to work and in the process of seeking compensation from the defendant in the case. Since US civil court cases can take many months if not years to reach a verdict the plaintiff can get into serious financial trouble. However, there is a solution that plaintiffs can use to prevent serious debt and even bankruptcy; a lawsuit pre-settlement loan.

Plaintiffs looking into a pre settlement lawsuit loan will learn quickly it’s a simple concept, and that it can benefit them throughout their pending case. A settlement loan is basically a loan given to a plaintiff based on the merit of their lawsuit. A lawsuit loan provider will review the current case, speak with your attorney and review past related cases prior to giving the plaintiff any pre settlement funds. Usually the plaintiff can expect a reply within 24 to 72 hours after the application has been submitted.

One of the best features of a settlement loan is the fact it’s a non-recourse debt. This is for the simple fact that the plaintiff is only required to repay the loan if they win their lawsuit. Yes, the plaintiff needs to “win” to pay back the lawsuit loan, if they lose their case they are not required to pay back the original loan. So, this key feature allows plaintiffs to know that in case they lose their case they won’t be in even more debt afterwards with a pre settlement loan.

The approval process of lawsuit loans is pretty straight forward; as explained earlier the provider will review the current case, speak with your attorney and review past related cases. They “do not” need to review your credit history, income status or employment; these factors do not play a role in a settlement loan approval process. You can safely apply knowing the only thing that matters in getting approved is the merit and current status of your lawsuit.

If you do win your pending lawsuit you would be required to pay back the original amount loaned, any fees plus interest on the initial loan amount. Interest rates vary between settlement loan providers and usually are based on the amount of money loaned and the merit of that specific lawsuit. If you’d like to learn more about lawsuit loans or even apply online right now then continue below.

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