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Written by admin on April 21st, 2011

Gerald Celente appeared more gloomy than ever about the future of the United States of America, he predicted a series of events one more gloomy than the next. Gerald Celente said: We’re going to see food riots, tax protests, farmer rebellions, student revolts, squatter dig-ins, homeless uprising, tent cities, ghost malls, general strikes, boss napping, kidnappings, mob rule and terror…

What’s happening under the Obama administration is unprecedented. With these rescue schemes, bailout plans, the takeover of major corporations, on and on and on. So yes, it has been going on a long time but is accelerating now at a level that makes our country, that used to be the empire of entrepreneurial opportunity, now just a country to save the too-big-to-fails and ending up bankrupting the country.

I spoke to an older gentleman in a local store in Central Indiana the other day and offered to show him a way to become totally financially free and out of debt. I asked if he would be interested in hearing more about it and he said “No I am one of those people who would rather just stay poor”. That then reminded me of a story I once heard about a dog moaning in pain while sitting on a rusty nail (you may have heard of it).

Anyway in a brief version, a guy walked by this old man’s home on the way to work everyday after moving to the neighborhood and for three days in a row when he walked by he saw the old hound dog sitting on the porch moaning in pain because he was sitting on a rusty nail. He finally stops and ask the old gentleman why the dog would not simply get up and move off the nail since he was in so much pain and moaning.

The old guy looked at the old dog and then looked at the guy and said, “OH, he is just too comfortable being uncomfortable”. It seems that we are becoming like the old hound dog when someone offers an opportunity for us to change our situations and better our lives we have become so comfortable being uncomfortable that we will not take action.

You see I have stumbled on a way to make more money than any of my previous 50 hour a week jobs. I paid off my student loan and quit my day job – debt free. I now enjoy lazy days, long holidays and luxuries I never dreamed I would afford.

It’s not all been easy though. I spent months desperately trying to find a way out of my job. I tried all the usual affiliate marketing schemes: Data Entry, Clickbank, Adsense, Paid Surveys etc. and became disappointed and depressed by the whole experience. I wasted over 00 and I was quickly spiraling into depression. When one day it came to me… I am now traveling with total financial freedom, and run my business with a laptop and wireless card.

That’s it. That beats 10 hour days stressed and goggle eyed. It beats working for a boss (I savor the day I told her ‘I quit’). And what’s more, watching that money pour in is more exciting than any job I’ve ever had before… Well, I can’t really justify calling it a job, I only work 30 minutes a day 🙂

I’m not here to boast though. I just want to give you a little of my life to show dreams can come true. The internet can bring money and freedom to people like us. And you can have it too, with this one simple trick. Total Financial Freedom In 30 Minutes/Day…

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