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Written by admin on April 3rd, 2011

Normally, how much times it takes to parse the bulk amount of resumes on your table, most probably few weeks or months. This is the condition of all the HR executives of the organization. Searching and fetching the right candidate is always considered to be the most complicated and time consuming job for any organization. Due to the bulk amount of resumes, HR personnel often find it difficult to concentrate on other task that are of same significance in the organization.

In this fast paced world, most of the tasks can be done within few clicks of mouse, no one will consider to stay behind, particularly the recruitment organizations. The only resolution to overcome this situation is to get resume parser open source recruitment software.

The increasing number of possible candidates, surrounding almost equal profiles, and chasing for limited employment opportunities vacant in any sector makes the job of the HR executives more tedious and time consuming. This issue can be resolved with the help of the recent software technologies known as open source recruitment software that rapidly selects the suitable and potential candidates from the pile of job applications received by the company. It eases the recruiters to elude the search on huge number of resumes, evaluating and opting for the right ones.

Resume parser open source is considered to be the recruitment software that posses the propensity to interpret and parse the details found in a file electronically and restore it in the form of database. As soon as the resume parsing is accomplished, a number of estimates are executed in a small time span. Those estimated formats are education, contact details, skills, work experience, certifications and some more which gets arranged in to the standard format called HR XML.

Open source recruitment software helps to grab the potential and talented candidate and provides the results in very short duration of time. Adopting proficient Open source recruitment software is allowing the HR executives to focus on their other tasks, formalities and responsibilities allied with the HR department.

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