Thomas Rothstein Explains How to Fund Your Investment Property

Written by admin on April 2nd, 2011

Thomas Rothstein Explains How to Fund Your Investment Property 

Finding the right investment property is only part of the challenge if you plan to make it as a real estate investor. It is imperative that you have available funding options that will allow you to quickly secure lucrative properties. The investors who enjoy the most success are the ones who can simply pick up the phone and have the entire cost to acquire the property wired to them within 3 days. 

Even in this saturated real estate market where Bank Owned Properties are still hitting the market at an overwhelming rate, the best deals are still getting suctioned up at lightning speeds. And if you are on a depending on your local bank to fund your rehab flip deal then you’re really doomed. Banks are no longer interested in funding rehab / flips deals because they already have an enormous back log of foreclosed properties. 

I had a recent interview with Peter Cennamo of the Alternative Funding Group and he shared a few very enlightening facts about the world of Hard Money Lending. “Only the real experienced real estate investor is even aware that we exist, and quite often the amateur will fund their entire investment deals out of their own pocket.” 

Peter Cennamo went on to say that if you can afford to rehab a property out of your pocket then you should do so with extreme caution because the market is still very volatile. One of the major benefits of partnering with a really good Hard Money Lender is that the lender will assume the majority of the risk. Your main responsibility is to get the property on the market and sold as quickly as possible. 

Now the good news is this; you can still make a Million Dollars flipping properties. To accomplish this mark will require that you have the ability to pull the trigger on the right deal, and get it done. As Peter Cennamo mentioned earlier, many rookie investors are not aware of how to partner with a Hard Money Lender who will provide the funding for their Non Owner Occupied deals. 

The Alternative Funding Group has just released a report of the Top Hard Money Lenders; please click the link in order to receive your copy. 

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