The Railway Sector should Compensate Consumers for Train Late

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

The Railway Sector should Compensate Consumers for Train Late


From SAIC was informed that the revised Ministry of Railways Railway passenger transport regulations, led to doubts that China Consumer Association, which provides consumers the right to unilaterally limit, and was enacted without a hearing, to the detriment of consumers.

Ministry of Railways, rail passenger transport the newly revised regulations, amend the relevant original provisions of the “visitors can not specify a date at par, car trips, only special cases, such as illness, etc., and holds a medical certificate, owners agree can be handled within two hours after driving, “which means that if by ordinary passenger train did not catch the train, the ticket will be void.

Era Directed complaints director in the associations, said passengers and civil relationship between the railway sector, railway sector is actually modify the regulations to adjust civil relationships, and that this regulation is actually a form of standard contract provisions. Form contract may provide for the passengers did not catch the local train tickets can not be endorsed, but the rights and obligations of the other’s point of view, the train was late, it should have a say, to pay compensation to passengers or compensation. Under the new regulations are not promulgated regulations in this regard, it is unreasonable.

December 1, the latest revision of the Ministry of Railways, “Railway Passenger Transportation Regulation” and “Rules for Railway Passenger Transport,” was introduced in the new regulations and so on to adjust refund.

Doubt one of the “late train ticket voids” is not “King terms”?

New railway regulations, the ordinary train ticket refund, are handled before driving. This means that if miss the train, the ticket will be void. In the previous provisions, even if you miss the car, as long as less than two hours after driving, passengers can also apply, votes are not canceled.

Internet users questioned: “invalid ticket late train” by some users as “King terms.” Sina users Ketu Life, said: “In fact, as the business contract or contracts by train, this is two things. But now whether people agree or disagree with the provisions unilaterally changed. The change is to change the provisions of beneficiaries under unilateral.”

Authority Response: Railway department officials responded that the new approach is mainly the rapid development of high-speed railway in China, a large number of open lines of EMU under the revised conditions. Requirements of new regulations in the ordinary train ticket before driving to be handled is also based on the provisions of contract law: the parties to the contract one party fail to fulfill the contract, the other party the right to terminate the contract. In addition, the existing line trains as limited capacity, especially in transport during the peak period, generally at full capacity, in order to maintain the normal order of travel, can not be arbitrarily altered tickets.

Expert opinion: Sun, Tongji University Professor of Transportation Chapter believes that the current railway authorities pay more attention to R & D, but not on “How to docking the consumer and how to communicate with the public sentiment.” But both are equally important fact, even the latter is more important than the former.

【Question】 votes not to back three, then the train is whether to give compensation?

Internet users questioned: Xinhuanet netizen Blue Heart, said: “Passengers late void tickets, the train is not late to give compensation?”

New User Wang Changyong Sina Finance, said: “This year the train home, from all over an hour late, whether the compensation? Allow passengers to void the ticket, train delays, instead of losing, is not strict with the masses and wide to be had?”

Authority Response: Railway department officials responded by saying, the country has no such requirement.

Expert view: Sun Zhang said that in Spain, the train can be as long as 5 minutes late refund. But in comparison, our train is still the relevant provisions of the compensation gaps. Zhang said Sun, “Even if the passengers to be harsh, and that the railway sector is not too late for compensation commitments should be made?”

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