The Journey to Become Debt Free

Written by admin on April 23rd, 2011

It appears that perhaps there’s a radical shift is happening and consumers in the United States they are singing a different song, to become debt free. Perhaps its just a the result of the economic times and it a won’t last or perhaps it something more lasting.

We have passed though decades were shop til you drop was in vogue. Now it appears, that either by need or a new perspective a substantial number are looking for debt reduction and debt advice. It could be that we reached the limit of our credit cards out and credit card issuers are not giving more credit or simply realizing that paying 30% interest on our cards is not the smartest thing.

Those that have become unemployed are forcefully looking for debt advice that includes credit card settlement, debt reduction plans and debt consolidation. With families inflows reduced substantially it become a matter of survival and credit card payments have taken a backseat to basic necessities. The purchases are now for basic staples and other things that were bought for no meaningful reason are now not even debated.

Will this change of in the way we think about debt and frugality last. Or will it only last only until the economic picture looks better and we once again return to our old ways of purchasing just because we want to buy it.

I want to be optimistic and believe that we have finally learned from our previous actions and will not return to our old methods. Many have become debt free and enjoy the peace of mind and reduction in stress. Many understand that they don’t need many of the things they bought before and their lives are if not the same, much better.



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