The Best Debt Management Programs

Written by admin on April 14th, 2011

A lot of people nowadays are relying on debt management programs. Several companies have been promoting their ads already on television, newspapers, over the radio and online.

However, people are always looking not only for a professional company but also for a company that they can actually trust. When it comes to money matters, you can not just trust it to anybody and that’s where this piece comes essential.

Before going on with the best business debt management programs in the country, here are some things that you should take into consideration:

Debt consolidation services are not exactly for everyone. You must take note that if your debt is smaller than ,000, just forget using this service. If you will really not have money to even pay for the condensed amount, then you might just declare bankruptcy. Debt consolidation services or even debt arrangement can have an effect on both of your credit. When you use debt arrangement, it is faster and will make you jump start on the renewal of your credit. The percentage of what you can actually save is only between 50% to 60%. This will also depend on the delinquency of the debts, the kind of creditors, the state where you live, kinds of purchases and your state of affairs financially as of the moment. There is really no guarantee whatsoever with some of the debt consolidation companies. There are some who have experienced their financial situation worsening and some was even forced to declare bankruptcy.

Fortunately, these following criterions helped in determining which ones are the best debt management companies in the country:

Low overall cost Protected website Written security for savings in general Decent and orderly staff Provides a big amount in terms of savings Great amount of experience working with tough creditors Successful stories of debt reduction and achievement is fast Guards consumer’s credit status

With that said, here are the top 3 debt management companies:

Cura Debt-

The Better Business Bureau or the BBB ranked them as the best. People trust BBB simply because they are non-profitable and they give reviews that are not biased.

Cura Debt helps you save the biggest amount of money because their company has been withstanding since 1996 and they have built a certain amount of trust already with the toughest creditors. They also clear up debts in mass form rather than settling them one by one. By doing this, they are able to have the privilege to work around and the result is a saving the most money for you (they are also commission based).

Debt Option-

Debt Option is also a member of BBB since year 2005.

They have a debt consolidation program wherein you put together all your overdue amounts in just one sum so the interest rates will be lesser. They also do debt settlement wherein the debts conferred to return back which is lesser than the balance amount in whole.

Although they have lots of clients that are satisfied with their clients, some find it a little more expensive than the others.

Superior Debt Reduction

Also a member of BBB and is based in Colorado, the company’s profile is simple and basic although there were some complaints about this company in BBB.

So have you made a choice? Whatever your choice is, reducing your liabilities or settling them is the best solution on lessening your credit card statement of accounts lying around the house.

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