Take Steps to Financial Freedom

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

Take Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom has long been the goal of the vast majority of businesspeople. Everyone has heard of “climbing the corporate ladder,” and it’s known perfectly well that the purpose for climbing that ladder is the hope of finding success and making more and more money until one day, the climber is so packed to the brim with dollars and cents that he can finally leave the ladder completely. Honestly looking at the picture, though, it’s fairly obvious that most people don’t actually achieve that. Though the average businessperson can make some headway up the corporate hierarchy, his earning potential is ultimately always limited by the next person up, who signs his paycheck. Because only one can be at the top, not many get there, so not many see the financial freedom they would like.

When it comes down to it, the only way to finally break free of the paycheck game is to reach the top, and though corporate America may want you believe you have to climb their ladder to get there, you don’t. Actually, one of the most effective ways of getting out from under the ceiling of the person who sets your pay rate is to go into business for yourself. It sounds risky, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it certainly is, but there are wise and relatively safe ways of doing it, the greatest of which is a franchise business.

Benefits of Franchises
Obviously, nothing in life is ever guaranteed, but a franchise is such a safe bet, it’s barely a bet at all. Unlike any other kind of small business, franchises have already gone through their stage of business adolescence and made it to financially successful adulthood. They’ve seen hard times and good times, plenty and little, and have survived, always being adapted by wise franchisors who know perfectly well what the business is capable of. And the best part is that all of it has been done long before you, the franchisee, ever even approach them with any degree of interest. Because so much thought and field-testing goes into the business model, the average franchised business has roughly a 70% greater chance of success than a brand new start-up small business.

Within the general heading of franchises, home business operations are, in some regards, even better for those who want to break free of financial limitations. Unlike more classic businesses with office space and a full staff, work from home businesses have almost no overhead, making the percentage of income that is pure profit that much higher.
Ultimately, the reason that a home based business or any other kind of franchise can deliver such a great degree of earning potential is that the owner of the small business is the top of the food-chain within his organization. In fact, in most cases, he is his organization. There is no limitation on how much business he can take on, what he can charge for his services, or who he can hire to work for the company. There is no one above him determining his workload or his clientele for him; his only limitation is his own capability. And that, by definition is financial freedom.
Business Ideas

Of course there is any number of franchise business opportunities at the willing entrepreneur’s fingertips, but to get your wheels spinning, here are a few work at home businesses that can put you on your way to independence.
The first is U-Turn Vending. In itself, the vending industry is a very free and lucrative market, the average vendor making /hr off nothing more than candy. And with no overhead costs, that is quite a profit. What U-Turn Vending brings to the picture is a machine with a rotating design that doubles the amount of candy space available by using all sides, and a machine with more options is sure to invite more business.

Virtuoso Music is a business opportunity perfect for the music-loving entrepreneur who is also interested in investing in the community. By bringing music educators and students together, scheduling jobs for local musicians, and promoting musical education, franchisees profit from advancing the careers of other and helping people to share and enjoy the gift of music. Given all the necessary office tools, computer software, marketing materials, and 90 days of working capital, all included in the initial purchase, franchisees are well on their way to turnkey success from day one.

For those interested in a career in justice, L & W Investigations gives franchisees who have no previous experience the chance to learn how to investigate cases of insurance fraud. Primary clients are businesses that have been defrauded and the attorneys who are representing them. L & W Investigations provides not only all the necessary initial training, but further training for the lifetime of the business and state-of-the-art tools that set them apart from the competition.

Human Resource Rx offers a very different opportunity, giving a franchisee the tools and knowledge necessary to provide client small businesses with outsourced human resources services that they don’t have the financial capacity to afford in-house. With full training for both the franchisee and his employees, he is put in position to begin marketing his team’s services and helping his clients immediately. Should an entrepreneur choose, area development licenses are available too, with 50% earnings on sub-franchisee fees and royalties.

Reaching the Goal

Particularly with recession on the radar today, everyone is looking for the opportunity to break out of the grind and be financially independent. It’s possible to attain that by continuing to climb the proverbial corporate ladder, but for some, there is a better option. Though starting a business may seem difficult, a home based franchise is really the best way of leaving the fruitless struggle behind for something that can really get you ahead.

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