Six Of The Best Open Source Tools

Written by admin on April 5th, 2011

Open Source software is good for the software industry as well as consumers. It keeps the big software firms on its toes and increases competition. It also offers a free alternative to expensive software to consumers. By supporting open source, you essentially support free competition.

So what are the most popular open source softwares? Some of them may be unknown to you, while some may be used by you on a daily basis. Nonetheless, here’s a good list:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the most iconic open source softwares. It is a great testament to the power of free software. It is a great alternative to the offering from Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and has tons of extensions to enhance its functionality. In almost any browser test, it comes up better than all other competition in terms of reliability, safety, and speed. Over 23% of the internet population uses it today, making it one of the most popular browsers.

One of the best features of Firefox is the amazing number of extensions available for it. You can make it perform almost anything in the world with just a few quick installs. If you are sick of Internet Explorer, Firefox should be one definite download on your list.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a blog platform and CMS that is used by some of the most popular blogs online. It is incredibly powerful and flexible and can be made to perform a huge variety of functions. Millions of users use WordPress as their primary blog and CMS platform.

As with Firefox, the number of extensions (in the form of plugins and themes) available for WordPress is incredible. Because it is open source, a loyal community of users has developed around it, offering free and quick support.

3. Google Chrome

In a short span of time, Google Chrome has become one of the best browsers online. It is incredibly fast, secure, and has a completely new architecture underneath that makes it possible to save a ton of computer power and memory. Besides Firefox, Google Chrome is another browser you should definitely take a test drive of.

4. OpenOffice

No talk of open source software would be complete without a mention of OpenOffice. This free alternative to Microsoft Office is a great piece of software, offering a ton of features across a wide range of offerings – presentation software, word processor, spreadsheet software, etc.

5. Audacity

Audacity is one of my favorite open source software. It is a free audio production tool that is great for amateurs who want to record some stuff or even put out a song. It features multiple track recording, sound effects, etc. that can match some professiona, expensive offerings.

6. Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is another offering from Mozilla. It is a full featured email tool (like MS Outlook) that is very flexible and powerful.

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