Simple Steps to Debt Free Life

Written by admin on April 1st, 2011

Living a debt free life is no longer a dream. You can attain a debt free lifestyle by following a systematic strategy.  Below are some simple and cost- effective steps which can help you to become debt free.

Prioritize your debts: The first step is to prioritize your debts. You need to make a list of your debts that you need to pay off first. You can begin with debts having high rate of interest and pay the less importance ones later.

Minimal usage of credit cards: Next is to minimize the usage of your credit cards. Do not fall into “Buy Now, Pay Later” schemes. This will only add to your debts. Limit the usage of your credit cards and use it to pay necessary utility bills like gas, electricity and water.

Follow a realistic plan: Structure a realistic budget that you can follow. Classify your expenses into needs, wants and not needed categories. This will help you to understand which ones you should purchase first. It is better if you put down your expenses to compare your income and liabilities

Take a professional help: Understand your debt problems and go for professional help. A debt counseling firm will help you to structure a repayment plan. You can follow this plan to pay off your debts. They also give you advice on various aspects of money management and help you maintain a financial budget.

Select a strategy plan: Choose a strategy to pay off your debts and stop availing new lines of credit. You can do this by availing a debt management program. You should go for the one which will suit your financial needs.

Negotiate with your creditors: Approach your creditors and let them know in writing that you are facing problems in paying off your debts. They may be willing to negotiate the rate of interest and lower your monthly payments.

Assess your financial situation: Make of list of the following
1. Names of your creditors
2. Amount that you owe to your creditors
3. Monthly payments
4. Type of loan
5. The rate of interest that you are charged with.

Admit the fact: Accept the fact that you are in debt. If you ignore the problem at initial level it can become worse later.

Pay your bills: Try to make your payments on time. This will relieve you from the burden of unpaid bills.

All these will give you clear picture about your financial situation. Though you cannot become debt free overnight, yet you can eliminate your debts to some extent.

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