Regular Giving and Receiving Are Vital Steps to Financial Freedom

Written by admin on April 17th, 2011

Question – What do you call a lake with no outlet? Answer – The Dead Sea. It’s vital to become a giver in order to take positive steps to financial freedom; giving keeps money flowing through you, allowing space for more to come in. Contribution is one of the fundamental human needs and everything in the universe that doesn’t contribute is eventually eliminated – it’s a law of life!

Therefore, make sure that you set up a contribution or “Give” account and put it to work with 5% -10% of what you earn. It’s a truly great feeling to give in this way.

You may have heard the phrase “it’s better to give than to receive”. T Harv Eker taught me that the phrase doesn’t even make sense –in fact it’s impossible. A more effective version is “it’s better to be in a position to give than to be in a position where you need to receive”.

Many people find it difficult to receive and accept their good in life. The harsh fact is that if you’re not earning a large income, it’s simply because you’re not adding a great deal of value to the marketplace. You are not a better person for being broke and you won’t stay rich unless you’re a decent, kind person.

The secret is to recognize that whether you’re worthy of financial freedom or not is a made-up story. No one has stamped you as worthy or unworthy except you. Therefore, if you say you’re worthy, you are and if you say you’re not worthy, you aren’t. Either way, the predominant belief will shape the story of your life. Instead of changing your worthiness, change your story – just make up a new one with powerful reasons why you deserve to be financially free and wealthy.

A practical and powerful way to practice receiving is to use your “play” jar or account in order to have things that wealthy people have and do. I remember finding this a challenging concept when I first attended T Harv Eker’s “Millionaire Mind Intensive” seminar 5 years ago and have since realized that this was because I didn’t feel “worthy” back then. I’ve nurtured the receiving muscle since and always put 10% of my earnings into the “play” jar to spend on things like a special meal out and a top of the range massage. The important thing is to “blow” the contents of your “play jar” every month – interestingly, you’ll probably find this much harder than it sounds to begin with! Nurturing yourself like a wealthy person takes practice, but feeling rich now is one of the key steps to financial freedom. If the nurturing is in proportion to the giving, the universe will send you more!


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