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Written by admin on April 12th, 2011

The names of the profitable forex robots I have used in the past are FX Turbo, FX Ambush, FX Killer, FX Megadroid. Out of all these forex robots, the most profitable one has been FX Turbo. The profitability of forex robots die with time, FX Turbo is no longer profitable. It does not mean that we no longer have profitable FX robots that work. We still have a couple of them, but they are not easy to find. Even though you find them they are expensive and its profitable lasts for only a short time only.

I will like to tell you something which you should put at the back of your mind whenever you use FX robots. It is one of the secrets of getting the best when you make use of them. There is nothing you should know about its default settings. Every forex robots come with its default setting. You should not rely on them to do the magic alone. You need to change them as you trade using it. It will enable you to utilize all of its profit potential. If you notice that a particular setting is not doing well, then you need to change it.

Some people do not really know what to change its default settings to if they notice the robots is not making profits for them. What you should use for its settings depend on the current state of the market. Try to form the habit of getting knowledge of any forex news that hit the market. Some websites offer this news, so there is no reason for you to be lacking behind. Some of them are forex factory, baby pips, forex news and the rest of others.

Currently, the most profitable forex robot that works very well is Ivybot. As the situation of the market changes with time, so does the winning rate of a robot diminish with time. You can visit my site to see a list of profitable forex robots and discover whether Ivybot is still profitable. I usually release regular news on my recent result from using it.

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