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Written by admin on April 9th, 2011

companies are crooked and filch advantage.What do you imagine the best thing is for him to do?(I don’t requirement answers like – don’t spend what you don’t own. He needed that advice years ago. He’s trying to fix the problem very soon.)

Are within credit counseling option if you own honest credit?
My boyfriend has roughly 18k surrounded by credit card debt. His credit score is 760 and we own a house together. We’ve contacted human being to person lend organizations and contacted his credit card companies to ask them to lower the rates, which they wouldn’t because they said his symmetry was too big. He never misses a payment and pays extra when he can, but a moment ago can’t get a pedal on it. Is there credit counseling or debt consolidations for folks who owe over 30% of their income to debt but have great credit?

Aren’t credit card companies some of the biggest crooks around?
I just go over on my credit card by a few dollars because the company decided to distribute me a 34 day billing cycle this month. My interest be 181 and I only have 177 available credit. I paid adequate last month to know how to cover the interest this month because I knew I would no longer know how to pay my bill any more as my stash is depleted and I don’t make much money. My interest rate go from 21% to 29% a couple months ago even though I never missed a payment or be late or over surrounded by the past 4 years that I hold had the card. This made it more difficult because I used the available credit on that card to buy groceries. Now I be paying most of the payment surrounded by interest. I think credit companies engender it harded to pay stale stuff even when you intend to. I guess I don’t have to verbs about man over because I can’t pay my bill any more anyway. If my interest would hold been kept temperate my payment would enjoy been lower and I could own paid longer.

As a authorized user, I used my departed husband’s credit card -do I hold to payment?
I made payments but a collection agency is ruining my credit by attempting to collect the entire debt. My husband is deceaased and I did use the card. I was not a combined user.

Ascent visa card?
ok i know theirs a way too payment my ascent credit card online .. and i cant find it looked over 2 hours for it .. the card i have is a Ascent visa .. from plains commerce mound in hovan south dakota … can anybody backing … cant get customer service 2 answer their phone perchance closed .. payed online once before soooo please facilitate… thanks

assistance beside credit?
im 22 im starting my credit and i got a washer n dryer and it will be payment off contained by a couple of months, that will start my credit up, will it be a low score or will it be suitable? i want to get a home loan after this is rewarded off from country widehome loans…if u ever hear of them..could i get one or not?

assistance contained by consolidation.?
i have student loan 8000 at 5.3

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