One Touch Jar Opener

Written by admin on April 19th, 2011

Do not let jar lids defeat you, Instead you defeat the tightly lids of jars by one touch jar opener. One touch jar opener is completely safe and automatic, just a single touch of a button and jar is opened within seconds. Without a jar opener it would be difficult, frustrating and time consuming to open jars and even it causes injury while trying to release lids. This hand held one touch automatic jar opener can be placed on jar and is activated with a momentary touch of a button. It grips any standard size jar firmly and clamps itself onto the lid of the jar, where it exerts an effort of 25 pounds of force to unlock the jar.
Specification of one touch jar opener

* One touch jar opener features simple touch and go action that works on all jars of all sizes

* It fits conveniently in any kitchen drawer

* It is easily portable and stored

* The handheld and compact size and design is shaped to fit the palm

* Adjustable to any jar size

* One touch jar opener requires 2AA batteries that are not included

* Save time , aggravation and frustration while opening jars

* It can open jars of 30mm to 101mm of diameter

Functionality of one touch jar opener

One touch jar opener is an amazing device that let the lids off easily and safely. Just place opener on jar and press start button and one touch will easily open the lid. This jar opener is totally automatic unlike manual jar opener that you have to place it around the top of the jar and forcefully twist the lid. The great functionality of one touch jar opener has facilitated the people while opening jars. This product has lessened the frustration and aggravation of jar opening people.
Availability of one touch jar opener

If you are not interested in moving around for shopping the one touch jar opener from tour local stores then there is nothing to worry about. You still can have your desired product from online stores that are available to serve you. All you have to do is to browse the internet online stores and choose your favorite one from our best collection. You will be entertained with your request through our home delivery service.

So no more wrestling with jars, open the jar from top through one touch jar opener

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