Mutual funds 2009

Written by admin on April 2nd, 2011

The world’s economy is in turmoil and so is the stock market. This has made investing quite difficult. Among other alternatives, people have been left with the option of investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds 2009 come in various types and the best of these are discussed in this article.

There are various criteria used in selecting these funds. The first is to look at the income-dividends ratio.  It is through one’s income that they can know the percentage that their income will yield. The second criterion is the future trends.  On should be able to choose funds that will be able to stand the test of time. Here we focus on future gains as opposed to the short term ones.

The last but most important method of selecting funds is to look at the long-term performance. It is important to purchase such investments not based on how they are performing today but by considering how they will be performing in the future. The most realiable mutual funds 2009 have been suggested as follows; The American Century High-Yield Fund: This has higher percentage of dividends of 9% which is higher than others. The New Alternative Fund is another type of fund that one would want to put into consideration.

There is an environmental-friendly way of doing things. It is mainly used by companies that focus on renewable energy.  The Franklin Utilities Fund has a dividend yield of 4% and a ten year annualized return of 5%.  ING Corporate Leaders Trust Fund is another type of mutual funds 2009 which has 2% dividends. Other types include Vanguard Energy Fund and the Municipal Bond Fund. The investor of this should be careful on the choices they make.

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