Mutual Fund Alternatives

Written by admin on April 12th, 2011

– How To Easily Improve Your Portfolio PerformanceIn these unsure times several investors are worried concerning there mutual fund performance and are wanting for mutual fund alternatives for growth.There is one easy investment (and we have a tendency to mean anyone can do it) that has on past performance exceeded gains of 50% once a year, and this looks set to continue.Thus what investment are we have a tendency to pertaining to-The investment is copperPrices of copper have increased in value more than six-fold since late 2001!These gains look set to continue and this investment could be a nice different to mutual funds in terms of performance and risk / return.It is simple to invest in copper.This is often a bull market and all traders want to do is to time their entry correctly and then sit back and fancy the ride.Thus why is copper thus bullishQuite simply, we have low inventories tight offer and big demand as global economic demand soars,

because the new economic super powers of China and India join the economic elite.Copper could be a barometer of economic growth and world demand overall is soaring, there is simply not enough copper to fulfill demand and this suggests higher prices.RiskWhen trying at mutual fund alternatives is copper additional risky than mutual funds-We don’t assume therefore, at the tip of the day, mutual funds are much additional volatile than several believe and also the investment performance of most fund managers is dire – if you make double digit gains your lucky!Copper on the opposite hand is up 600% in simply a few years and you’ll be able to trade with unlimited profits and limited risk with options.DiversificationReduces risk of your overall portfolio and copper is thus an mutual fund various investment that may compliment your existing portfolio and scale back risk.Commodities buy and holdIf you are wanting at commodities as a mutual fund various then you need to adopt a straightforward obtain and hold strategy for future gains – Keep in mind, your investing for the long term.Other opportunities for fifty – a hundred% annual gainsCopper isn’t the sole commodity that produces a nice mutual fund alternative investment, there are a number of more.We have recently as an example, written articles on energies and you’ll have seen our recommendations in simply two weeks create additional than most fund managers do in an exceedingly year!Check out our previous articles and you may see.In fact, our copper trade last week achieved an analogous performance!Commodities are a nice mutual fund different investment, because they are straightforward to understand, their real and everybody will follow the trends happening in the worldwide economy.Could this be the foremost profitable of all-As a mutual fund various copper may be a nice investment, crude oil and unleaded gasoline have additionally done very well for us,

however maybe the best mutual fund alternative of all is natural gas.Natural gas continues to trend lower, however will probably become one in every of the biggest commodity market bull moves of recent years and investors will simply build 100% per annum.Why-As a result of crude oil prices are high and natural gas is affordable and not subject to geo political considerations that have an effect on crude oil.So, the switch to gas that has already started can accelerate. Furthermore, provide will not be in a position to stay pace with demand and this can see huge worth spikes.For currently natural gas is trading lower, however not for abundant longer in our view, traders who wish a mutual fund various ought to contemplate this commodity as well.

Copper but several more choicesCopper may be a great mutual fund alternative investment right now and natural gas may be a part of it during a huge bull run.If you would like mutual fund alternatives that are simple to understand and trade, look no any than commodities, with copper and natural gas two you must consider.These mutual fund alternative investments will build you fifty – a hundred% annual gains simply by using a simple obtain and hold strategy and you don’t need a fund manager to do them, thus you’ll be able to save the fees and not have to listen to the excuses for poor performance!


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