Mutual Fund Alternatives ? Discover Lower Risk & Higher Rewards

Written by admin on April 18th, 2011

Mutual funds overall return poor results. A good one may return 10 – 12 compounded but with inflation, that’s not much and on the risk side 30% losses or more can occur and they can last for years!

Fact is most don’t even out perform the index, there are better alternatives with lower risk and higher profit potential and here we will look at one of them.

You won’t be surprised to learn that one is property but:

Here we are going to look at a high return low risk overseas market, where rewards are great risk low and just as importantly prices are cheap making the investment affordable to all investors.

Would you like up to 30% or more annual growth with low risk?

Most investors would and the market we are referring to here is a favorite of American and European investors – Costa Rica.

Consider these advantages:

A ,000 investment in the popular resort of Jaco has increased in value in just 15 years to around 0,000!

What mutual fund can offer these returns?

Not many, but just as importantly property prices have risen steadily throughout the period with little downside volatility.

Why is the potential so good?

Quite simply ocean front property is up to 70% cheaper in Costa Rica than in the southern US states, so it offers an affordable alternative just a 3 hour direct flight form the US, in one of the most stable and beautiful countries on earth.

But it gets better!

Unlike a mutual fund, this mutual fund alternative offers you something more:

You can actually enjoy it!

You can have a holiday home that is an appreciating liquid asset, go there whenever you wish and when you are not there, you can earn an extra income from the booming rental market.

Is it easy to do?

Yes and there are many realtor’s who will advice you on the best deals and the best areas to buy in, which will hold or increase in value and prices are a lot cheaper than many people believe.

Also this investment offers the following benefits:

– Investing is made easy by the government

– Its extremely tax efficient

– Property taxes are very low

– You get the same legal rights as residents

If you want a high return investment which offers a great alternative to mutual funds and which you can also enjoy, make a secondary income from renting, then Costa Rica property offers you this and much more.

Its a lot cheaper and easier to do than many people believe, so make your mutual fund manager green with envy, with an investment that offers lower risk and higher rewards and you can enjoy.

Check out property investment in Costa Rica and you may be glad you did.

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