MLM Lead System Pro – Review of MLM Funded Proposal MLM Lead System Pro

Written by admin on April 12th, 2011

MLM Lead System Pro Marketing System’s Innovation is changing if not revolutionizing the way the MLM FUNDED PROPOSAL SYSTEMS are being built.

For those of who have worked with other “MLM Funded Proposal” systems like that of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, Daegan Smith’s Power Prospecting System, Jonathan Budd’s System, Mike Filsaime’s Spiderweb System, Anne Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer…….and some other honorable mentions like Hochman’s MyPrivateClassroom, “DK” or Dennis Karganilla’s MLM Goldmine, Gutz Media, Joe Schroeder’s Starlink Nation as well as the Old School MLM’ers like Dale Calvert or Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and believe it or not there are many other Current Funded Proposal Systems out there that are worthy of mentioning, but I had to leave some out right? I mentioned the ones I am more familiar with or have had Direct experience with.

Lets start off with the basics.

What are the THREE things all Network Marketers Need in order to have Success?

#1 PROSPECTS: They need leads ..especially after they have attacked their warm market (Family, Friends, and even Strangers) p.s. I did that on more occasions than I’d like to admit- lol. Even if they are not using the 3-foot rule method and are starting to slowly generate leads, as a rule of thumb it’s always best to have more leads than you can handle.

#2 TRAINING: Mindset, Leadership, and Marketing Training are ABSOLUTELY essential teaching them how to have the right mindset (prosperity consciousness and confidence) and posture when communicating with others, also how to be of Value and Position themselves as Leaders, and of course how to MARKET. Remember the name of the game is NETWORK and MARKETING.

#3 CASH (so that they can afford to stay in their primary business or use it for extra marketing so that they can build up momentum for their biz)

Okay, you’re saying Great… thanks for wasting my time……and your thinking that your MLM Funded Proposal already does those things…
What your not thinking about is what matters the most…. and it is how these things happen… not just that they happen…

These are key things that must be considered;

Is your MLM Funded Proposal “BRANDING YOU”, or is it Branding the Guru?

What I mean by this is are you given a standard capture page that does not allow you to be on it with your pictures and your video and your message? Are you be positioned as the Leader?

Are you in Full Control of your Leads?

A benefit of the MLM Lead System Pro system is that you have Absolute Control of “YOUR” Leads….. and no, they are they trapped in some back office where the “Guru” develops a relationship with them and NOT you..and then they are eventually sold a product where you get a commission. Don’t get me wrong, getting commissions is great, but not if you are getting completely removed from the picture. You want to establish a relationship with your Leads and not give them away…

MLM Lead System Pro does not throw the baby out with the bathwater…. for example some of the names I mentioned at the top..either are actually a direct part of the system or their concepts are a part of the system.. for example, Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd are directly a part of the system and also the concepts Daegan Smith’s covers like PPC (pay per click), Ezines (solo ads), and Article Marketing are also a part of the system……Filsaime’s Social Bookmarking concepts are discussed too…but remember they are not the system’s focus.. they are only part of a COMPLETE MARKETING SYSTEM with Step by Step Video Tutorials and Live Webinars.

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