Know What Sells and What Makes Dollar Store Profit when Opening a Dollar Store

Written by admin on April 13th, 2011

For many opening a dollar store is a fun filled adventure.  They see so many things they like about the business that they forget there is a business side as well.  Sure they handle the ordering and daily sales, because seeking out the next new dollar store merchandise bargains and chatting with customers is fun to do.  Yet if you were to ask them to tell you which are the best selling products in their store, they would likely need to guess after naming just a few.   

And if you were to then ask them to back their statement up with data about that dollar store merchandise, most would be unable to.  If they have a POS system it would be easy to go and pull the information, but their answer would not be based on a data at the time it was given.  The same would be true if you asked about the products producing the most dollar store profits for their business.  If you are opening a dollar store you are about to enter the business world.  Sure it is an extremely fun business.  Yet you must be in control of your business.  Read on for some of the important reasons to know what is selling and what generates the dollar store profits for your business.

If you are starting a dollar store you will likely find that identifying the majority of the top selling items in your store is probably as easy as standing at the cash register for a few hours each day.  Yet what about the hot selling items you miss using this strategy.  If you have a Point-of-Sale system, be sure to make use of it to identify the top selling items in your store.  These are mainly the consumables that draw shoppers into your store.  They include items such as dish washing detergent, toothpaste and paper towels, and much more.  It is critical to your customers that these items always be in-stock when they arrive to make a purchase.  Never allow your top selling dollar store merchandise items to run out. These are the products that bring shoppers back time and again.

In most cases the daily consumable dollar store merchandise in your store will offer you low dollar store profits.  Yet by knowing exactly what items are included, you can always be on the lookout for sales, closeouts and liquidations of these items.  The reduction of even pennies on some of these items is reason to stock up.  This is one of the few product groups to purchase in quantity whenever there are lower prices.  You know you will be able to sell out quickly.  Those few extra cents in dollar store profits make carrying back stock of the special priced merchandise a wise idea.

The other dollar store merchandise items you must know are your leading generators of dollar store profits.  When opening a dollar store these are the items that make you the highest profits.  Likely they will include gift bags and party items, greeting cards, assorted hair goods, and much more.

To your success when opening a dollar store!

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