Is It Time To Consider A Non-Profit Debt Management Program?

Written by admin on April 10th, 2011

Are you suffocated by the piling debts, harassing phone calls, warning letters and incessant visits from third party collection agencies? If so, it’s time to consider if you need a debt management program to help bring you relief.

As a credit card debt woman who is now in a debt repayment plan, I understand the stress and suffocation brought about by increasing debts, non-stop phone calls and letters from creditors and unexpected visits made by third party collection agents.

DMP, also known as debt management plan, is created to consolidate your multiple debts into one lower monthly payment. Instead of making multiple payments to different banks on various due date, a debt management program enables you to make one reasonable payment to one agency on one due date.

You can also worry less about different high interest rates, late payment fees and over-limit charges added into your existing debt. With a debt repayment program, you get to enjoy reduced interest rates by a few points, and waived late payment and over-limit fees.

When it comes to choosing a debt management plan, it’s recommended that you look for a reputable non-profit credit counseling agency known as consumer credit counseling services (CCCS) affiliated with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

If possible, pick a non-profit credit counseling agency that your friends or relatives have been in the programs before or are currently in the programs. This way, you save yourself from being scammed by companies that claim to be non-profit when in actual fact, they are just using it as a deceptive marketing tool to dupe consumers into thinking their fees will somehow be lower.

Make sure you are well informed relating to the terms and rates that are implied on you by the debt management program. Always read the fine print in search of hidden fees and surprise charges that can affect your family’s livelihood. This is your responsibility and no one can be held accountable for poor judgment but the choice maker.

Debt will be a smoother ride under a debt management program. However, you should never take it lightly; always be as informed as you can before getting into it. It is your family’s stability at stake. You should be turning into a solution not a bigger problem.

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