Instant Payday Loans 101 ? How Do They Differ from Traditional Payday Loans?

Written by admin on April 4th, 2011

Let’s face the reality: most of use payday loans because we are in urgent need of quick cash. We can’t wait for the long application and approval process for a standard loan, yet we certainly don’t want to ignore financial obligations that must be met.

If you don’t want to turn to credit cards or personal loans, or if your credit is poor or nonexistent, then a payday loan may be just what you are looking for.

An instant payday loan is a common term used to describe online loans that are processed in an expeditious and efficient manner. Instant payday loans involve a quick application process and quick distribution of funds. For those in a sticky financial situation, instant payday loans just make sense.

Common Questions about Instant Payday Loan

Q: Where can I find an instant payday lender?

A: Thanks to the Internet, there are a myriad of instant payday lenders available to meet your financial needs. Because of the competition between instant payday lenders, it is often a good idea to shop around for the best rates before entering into a contract.

Q: How do I apply for an instant payday loan?

A: Instant payday loans are quite easy to apply for, as the borrower simply fills out a quick online application. Some of the common questions that appear on payday loan applications include the borrower’s address, employer information, driver’s license or state-issued identification number and bank account information.

Q: What are some of the requirements for instant payday loans?

A: Instant payday loans, like traditional payday loans, require that the borrower be at least 18; that he or she hold a steady, full-time job; and that he or she have an active bank account. Although minimum requirements vary between online payday lenders, the above requirements are typically found across the board.

Q: What are the terms and conditions of instant payday loans?

A: Instant payday loans generally have the same loan terms and conditions as standard payday loans, and terms and conditions vary between instant payday lenders. It is therefore always a good idea to research numerous instant payday lenders when applying for an instant payday loan.

Q: How quickly can I receive my money through an instant payday lender?

A: One of the benefits of instant payday loans is that borrowers can often receive their money within days. There are several types of instant payday lenders that deposit the loan funds in your account within hours of applying for the loan.

Q: Are instant payday loan safe and secure?

A: Most instant payday lenders feature secure websites, which allow you to enter your personal and bank information in a secure manner. It is always important, however, to research the company before applying for a loan so that you can be sure your transaction is safe and secure.

Q: What documents do I have to provide when applying for an instant payday loan?

A: Unlike many traditional payday loans, most instant payday lenders approve borrowers based on the online application and do not require any additional documentation.

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