How To Overcome Fear ? The Most Rewarding Of Your Steps To Financial Freedom

Written by admin on April 13th, 2011

According to T Harv Eker, in every moment, you’re either affecting or infecting and the ego fear-based part of us is the problem. Fear stops us taking the actions we need to take – it’s all about anticipation of pain.

About 95% of our decisions are based on some sort of fear and your mind’s main job is survival – to keep you alive. It’s a bit like a worried mother and the mind’s two favorite words are “What If”. At the start of your journey to financial freedom, you have to make a conscious effort not to believe your own thinking and just deal with that thinking as you would the words of an over-worried mother.

Here’s the thing – it’s not necessary to get rid of fear, doubt and worry in order to succeed and achieve financial freedom. The solution is simply to act inspite of fear, or as the Nike slogan says “Just Do It”. Don’t wait until you’re certain or you’ll never do anything. I remember experiencing this feeling many times over the last 5 years while taking steps to financial freedom. Buying an overseas property, leaving the J.O.B to focus full-time on my own business, spending over £25,000 on credit cards on high quality mentoring, investing in the creation and production of my own passive income-generating products without any guarantees of a return on that investment…and so on.

In the end, it all came down to “just doing it” and no amount of sitting in seminars or reading books was a substitute for learning “in the muscle” by doing the thing I feared to do. All the universe wants to do is help you – but you have to be strong enough and open enough to take a leap of faith and do your part.

According to T Harv Eker, the number one reason most people are not happy and successful is because they don’t trust themselves. Stop needing the approval of other people and start approving of yourself by living through purpose and joy instead of approval and obligation.

If you’re not reaching your potential and taking solid steps to financial freedom, it’s because you’re being stopped by fear. The level of your stopping point will represent your level of financial success and when you become unstoppable – in spite of fear, you will achieve financial freedom. Therefore, train yourself to succeed in spite of anything. Just Do It.


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