FREE Open House Invitation for Your Open House Party Invitations

Written by admin on April 20th, 2011

Open House Invitation for Your Open House Party

Have you just moved into an amazing new place, mailed your Moving Announcements, and want to show it off while also being able to enjoy time with your friends and family? If you answered yes to that long question, then you might want to consider sending an Open House Invitation, for family and friends. The Open House Party is one of the most popular kinds of Housewarming Party today because they are low-key, easy to plan, and extremely casual. It gives you a chance to mingle and gives house warming party guests a chance to drop by on their open house party rounds for the night. Below are some common questions about Invitation Open House that you might want to have answered before you start planning the Open House Invitations,

How is an Open House Party Different From a Housewarming Party?

With most housewarming parties and the Housewarming Invitation,, the host actually plans out some events and activities for the guests to enjoy. Think about the last birthday party you attended. In most cases, the party’s host has a set time to bring out the birthday cake, to open presents, to start the festivities, etc. That means the host is usually always thinking about what needs to be done and how to coordinate all of the events in an effective way. With a party open house, the event lasts for a set time, but guests can arrive and leave any time throughout that period. With the housewarming open house party, you provide refreshments that guests can enjoy throughout that period, for example.

How do I Write the Open House Invite for the Open House Party?

Basically, the Invitations Open House for this type of event aren’t going to be much different from any of the others you might have written in the past. You can have fun with the wording but, like the party itself, most hosts want to keep the invitations open house party simple. Here is a good example:

The move is over and now the party can begin. We’re throwing an Open House Party and You’re Invited! Come by August 12th from 6 pm to 10 pm 555 Party Lane, Sacramento, California 00005 Refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages provided Feel free to bring your own alcohol.

Notice that these Open Housewarming Invitations, don’t have any type of RSVP details because something that formal is also not needed. You want guests to be able to drop in as they want. Also, if you don’t want any children at the event, you may want to add an “adults only, please” message.

Do You Have Any Open House Party Ideas?

One thing you should consider before mailing the FREE Open House Invitation is the refreshments. You definitely want to keep the food menu simple because your guests need to be able to easily access the food. As the host, you also don’t want to serve anything that might make your job more time-consuming than necessary. Chips, popcorn, meat trays, relish trays, cupcakes, cookies, and even pizza are all excellent choices you might choose. Don’t forget to mention whether or not guests can drink alcohol on the premises in the printable Open House Invitation.

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